A Wisconsin Company Plans To Microchip It's Employees!This sounds like something out of "Big Brother" doesn't it.
Amy Schumer Bought An Employee A Mattress At A North Side Mattress Store!If Amy Schumer ever wants to use your bathroom, let her!
K-Hits Cares! The Different Ways To Pay Your TaxesDo you know what the different payment options are for you ton pay your taxes?
Tips So You Don't Get Scammed By Fake Cubs Playoff Tickets!Don't be faked out by fake tickets!
The U.S. Has A Huge Amount Of Credit Card Debt!How much credit card debt do you have?
Here's How Divvy Will Celebrate Earth Day On Friday!Friday isn't just Earth Day, it's also the kickoff of Divvy Bike Week here in Chicago.
What Could Google Have Possibly Done That Might Get Them Fined Six Billion Dollars?Officials in the European Union are thinking about fining Google six billion dollars.
If You've Eaten At P. F. Chang's Recently, Check This Out!Maybe we should all go back to just using cash.
The Tonight Show With Rahm Emanuel?Jimmy Fallon says that Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has an open invitation to appear on The Tonight Show with him. But it seems like Rahm will only take the plunge into late night if Jimmy is willing to do the same! Confused?
What Former Bull Has "Wormed" His Way Back Into North Korea?Dennis Rodman is back in North Korea (yes, the same North Korea that the US currently has some serious drama with!)  What's he doing there again?  Take a listen to this round of K-Hits to find out why the former Bull has rebounded right back into that Communist nation!
Where Was Your Credit Card Declined?

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