K-HITS Cares

K-Hits Cares! Proper Asbestos Removal & Disposal

Because of the microscopic nature of asbestos fibers, once airborne those fibers can be very easy to inhale, which can be dangerous!



K-Hits Cares! Always Pay Attention To Amber Alerts!

The Amber Alert program is one of law enforcement’s greatest tools in helping find missing children.  Police only issue Amber Alerts when they think that the public can help find a child that’s under 18 […]



K-Hits Cares! Are You Looking Out For Pedestrians?

While you are driving, are you looking out for pedestrians in cross walks and near the streets?  You should!  Take a listen to this PSA for some helpful hints on what to do while driving and the […]



K-Hits Cares! How Attentive Are You While Driving?

Any task that might distract you while driving could be dangerous or even fatal!  That includes talking on the cellphone, messing with the radio or even eating!  They could cause a distraction that leads to […]



K-Hits Cares! Is Your Seat Belt On?

Common sense can save lives!  If you’re getting in a car, even if it’s for a short ride, you need to buckle up!  Survive the ride by buckling up!  K-Hits Cares!



K-Hits Cares! Be Careful When Removing Asbestos!

Because of the microscopic nature of asbestos fibers, once airborne they can be easily inhaled. If left alone, asbestos containing materials in good condition should not pose a danger. However, if you are planning to […]



K-Hits Cares! Do You Have Working Smoke Alarms?

A working smoke alarm can alert you to the danger and make the difference between life and death. Install and maintain a smoke alarm on every level of your home. Replace the battery every year.



K-Hits Cares! Be Careful When Crossing The Street!

Busy streets can be very dangerous for pedestrians! Look out for cars when crossing the street! Also, refrain from using your phone or sending text messages. Stay alert, be visible and always use the crosswalk. […]



Just How Big Were The Waves Off Lake Michigan?

Did you see the waves along Lake Shore Drive yesterday?  Jobo decided to take go under the police barricades and record some audio of the waves crashing along the lakefront to play this morning on the […]