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The City Of Chicago Wants You To Know Who The Bad Landlords Are!

The City of Chicago has started to put it’s bad landlords on blast!

7 hours ago

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The First Chicago Mayoral Debate Is In The Books!

It was a war or words between current Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the people who want to take his job.

8 hours ago

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Did You Have Trouble Logging On To Facebook Or Instagram Last Night? Here’s Why!

Somehow we all survived, but Facebook and Instagram were out for a couple of hours overnight.


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Will We Be Calling It “Muttra” Instead Of Metra Soon?

Metra is toying with the idea of letting people bring their pets on trains.


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Enjoy Those Low Gas Prices, Here’s Why They May Be Going Back Up!

You knew that the low gas prices wouldn’t last.


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An Asteroid Will Just Miss Earth Today…Well, Hopefully!

Scientists say they’re pretty sure an asteroid will just miss colliding with Earth today.


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Uh-Oh! We’re Two Minutes Closer To Doomsday!

Physicists have turned the Doomsday Clock two minutes forward.


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We’re #1! We’re #1! (Don’t Get Too Excited, It’s For The Most Bed Bugs In The Nation!)

Here’s a title that Chicago probably hasn’t been itching to get!


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Is There A Mass Exodus Of People Leaving Illinois?

The number of people leaving the state of Illinois is getting pretty scary.


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You’d Better Shovel That Sidewalk Or It Could Cost You!

The City of Chicago is cracking down on the people who don’t shovel the sidewalk in front of their home or business.




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