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Will This Move Help Chicago Get The Obama Library & The George Lucas Museum?

There’s some moves happening downstate to help out the City of Chicago.


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Unemployment Is Down For The 13th Month In A Row In Illinois

Unemployment in Illinois had dropped again, but we’re still above the national average.


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Anyone Else Think Of Loretta Lynn Whenever US Attorney General Nominee Loretta Lynch Is Mentioned?

Looks like today could finally be the day that US Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch gets confirmed for the job.


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This Is NOT The Way To Deal With Computer Problems!

Ever have a problem with your computer and you just want to drag it out back and take a shotgun to it?


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Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez Is Changing Her Stance On Drug Busts

Marijuana will still get you busted in Cook County!


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How Much Do You Think A Deck Chair From The Titanic Would Be Worth?

What till you hear how much someone forked over for a deck chair recovered from the Titanic disaster over a 100 years ago.


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What Pension Problem? Lawmakers Are Deciding On A New State Pie!

At least they’re worrying about the important things in Springfield.


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Just How Much Did It Cost Mayor Emanuel To Win Re-Election?

Mayor Emanuel spent a ton of cash in his re-election bid.


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Why Was Mayor Emanuel Hanging Out With Director Spike Lee Yesterday?

Mayor Emanuel isn’t happy about the movie that director Spike Lee is filming here in Chicago.


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What Could Google Have Possibly Done That Might Get Them Fined Six Billion Dollars?

Officials in the European Union are thinking about fining Google six billion dollars.