Chicago Has The Most Germ-Laden Buses, Cabs & Trains In The US!Think about this the next time you sit down on some sort of public transportation.
Hundreds Of Cook County Jail Employees Called Off This Weekend, Can We Blame The Cubs?This tends to happen whenever there's some sort of major sporting event or holiday.
What Was Hidden Inside Mayor Emanuel's New Chicago Budget?Sometimes it can take a little digging, but some interesting facts came out of Mayor Emanuel's new city budget.
How Often Do Kids Get Away With Lying To Their Parents?I'm pretty sure that my Mom strapped me to a polygraph, so this stuff didn't fly at my house!
Toni Preckwinle's Proposed Budget Won't Be So Sweet For Cola Drinkers!Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle is expected to announce her budget today.
Here's Why Ronald McDonald May Be Keeping A Low Profile For Awhile!As creepy clowns go, Ronald McDonald isn't very creepy.
Chicago Public School Teachers WILL NOT Be Going On Strike Today!Don't these things always come down to the wire?
Medicinal Marijuana For Your Pets?Maybe Bob Dylan was right when he sang "Everybody must get stoned.."
Grab Your Winter Jacket! Another Ice Age Could Be On The Way!Is the sun about to give us the cold shoulder?
Are Your House Plants Trying To Kill You?Did you know that plants can get stressed out?
Don't Worry! Creepy Clowns Aren't Coming To Oswego!There's been a rash of people hanging out in forest preserves and other places dressed as creepy, scary clowns.
Kim Kardashian Was Robbed Of $10 Million Dollars In Jewelry This Weekend!She wasn't hurt, but the men have yet to be caught.

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