Is Orland Township Planning On Leaving Cook County For Will?Maybe Toni Preckwinkle's idea to tax sugary drinks was the last straw.
Is Your College Student A Little Stressed Out? Hand Them A Coloring Book!Grabbing a coloring book sounds like something you'd do in kindergarten and not college.
The Bears Are The Walking Wounded After Last Night's Loss To The Eagles!There's an old saying that goes "adding insult to injury", which is probably a good description of The Bear's home opener.
Here's Some Depressing News On How Depressed We All Are!Cue the sad face emoji!
Seems Like Illinois Voters Aren't All That Enthused About Either Presidential CandidateWhen it comes to either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, Illinoisans seem to look at both and go "meh."
When It Comes To President Obama, The I's Have It!Seriously, who counts these kinds of things?
Check Out Why One Indiana School District Wants To Get Rid Of Valedictorians At Graduation!Do people become the valedictorians of their class because they're really smart or because they take really easy classes.
Do US Troops Need To Go On A Diet?What are they feeding our soldiers?
What REALLY Caused Hillary Clinton To Become Sick?I guess it depends on who and when you ask.
Think Twice Before Bringing Your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 On A Plane!It seems that the FAA thinks that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is one hot phone.
AUDIO: Highlights From The Trump/Clinton Debate That Wasn't A DebateWhile they didn't appear together, both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were both on NBC last nights taking questions.
Talking To Yourself May Be A Sign That You're A Genius!Do you have a co-worker that talks to themselves?

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