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Looks Like ‘Carmageddon’ On The Kennedy Wont Be As Bad As They Expected!

Work on the Ontario Street Bridge on the Kennedy Expressway is going a little quicker that expected.


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What Did Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Have To Say On The Tonight Show Last Night?

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel was a guest on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night.


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CBS “Late Late Show” Host Craig Ferguson Is Calling It Quits!

Yesterday,”Late Late Show” host Craig Ferguson announced he wasn’t going to do the show anymore.


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By George, A Lucas Film Museum Could Be Coming To Chicago!

I don’t know if there would be velvet paintings of Chewbacca or what , but George Lucas is looking into building a museum here in Chicago.


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When Is An Increase Saving You Money? When A Politician Explains It!

This is the kind of fuzzy math that you get from politicians. Even though electric bills are expected to increase soon, the City of Chicago says a deal they made will actually save you money even though your bill will go up!


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Did An Ice Storm Save Us From Going Over The Fiscal Cliff?

Could it be that the ice and snow storm headed toward Washington DC helped lawmakers work out a deal on the debt ceiling and advert another fiscal crisis? That’s what some people are thinking! Take a listen to the speculation in this newscast!


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Someone In Kankakee County Has A HUGE Sweet Tooth!

Someone in Kankakee County stole some pallets of chocolate, but it just wasn’t one or two.  We’re talking several hundred grand worth of the stuff.  Either someone has a sweet tooth or a really bad stomach ache this morning!


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Another Prisoner’s Been Mistakenly Released From Cook County Jail

A man who was called “an habitual criminal” was mistakenly released from Cook County Jail the other day. Even scarier, this is the third time this year that this has happened at the Cook County Jail! Take a listen to this K-Hits Newscast to find out all the “released” details right here!


Did You Take Advantage Of The Free Parking This Weekend?

If you parked anywhere south of the Eisenhower yesterday, you probably noticed that you didn’t have to feed the meters!  It’s part of the new deal that Mayor Emanuel worked with the company that’ll own the meters for the next seven decades or so.  Come July 1st, almost all the city’s meters will be free, but there’s some exceptions.  You’ll still have to pay in the business district between North and Roosevelt and Halsted to the Lake.   Where did I park this weekend, you wont be surprised to learn that it was in one of the areas where the meters WEREN’T free on Saturday!


(Credit: preventive double mastectomy

Could You Do What Angelina Jolie Did?

Angelina Jolie says she had a preventive double mastectomy. Jolie’s mother died of breast cancer as well and she says she was over 80% likely to get it as well and this cuts her chances down a bunch. Take a listen to Jolie’s amazing and courageous story in this round of K-Hits News!




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