Former Bears QB Doug Flutie's Parents Die The Same Day, Both Of Heart AttacksFlutie announced the death of his parents, Dick and Joan, on Facebook. They had been married 56 years.
Blago Wants To Take His Case All The Way To The U.S. Supreme Court!Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich hasn't given up attempts to get his prison sentence on bribery charges overturned.
K-Hits Cares! Lower Your Stroke RiskStroke is among the leading causes of death and disability, worldwide.
How Will Springfield Be Able To Plow The Streets If There's No Budget?This is the kind of logic that only makes sense in Springfield.
K-Hits Cares! Dog Fighting Is Illegal!Help join the fight against animal cruelty!
K-Hits Cares! Snowmobile SafetySnow will be here before you know it, so here's something to think about before you go snowmobiling.
K-Hits Cares! Slow Down In School ZonesSchool is in session so please be aware of school related traffic laws.
K-Hits Cares! The Dangers Of Distracted Driving!Distracted driving can be deadly!
No Pumpkin Pie This Thanksgiving? There Could Be A Pumpkin Shortage This Year!There's probably will be enough pumpkins for Halloween, but Thanksgiving could be another story!
K-Hits Cares! Children & Fire Safety!Do you know that children under age 5 are twice as likely as the rest of us to die in a home fire?
K-Hits Cares! October is SIDS Awareness Month In IllinoisOctober is SIDS Awareness Month In Illinois.
There's A Giant 16-Foot Bra In Pioneer Court For Breast Cancer Awareness MonthThere's a 16 foot, 1500 pound pink bra hanging out in Pioneer Court right now.
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