VIDEO: Harrison Ford Hilariously Surprises Star Wars Fans For CharityWhen Harrison Ford shows up out of nowhere, Star Wars fans tend to freak out....
Did You Celebrate National Unfriend Day?I wanna THANK those of you who did NOT cut me! Otherwise, today would be National Cry In The Studio Day.
Will Facebook Soon Have Sharper Senses Than Humans? This Sounds Creepy!According to founder Mark Zuckerberg, within the next decade, Facebook will become better than we are when it comes to primary human senses.
PHOTO: Chicago Police Boot Your Car? Here's One Way To Get It Off...One Chicagoan has the perfect solution to getting the boot: Just ditch the whole wheel.
Chicago McDonald's Employee Goes Viral After Helping Disabled CustomerInstead of staying behind the counter or flipping burgers for the hungry rush-hour crowd, this McDonald's employee sat down with a disabled customer...
'Like' This If You're Excited For The 'Dislike' Button Possibly Coming To FacebookThe "like" button below Facebook posts is old news, but how could Facebook possibly follow it up? According to Mark Zuckerberg, the answer is the "dislike" button.
Did Facebook Make Bono The World's Richest Rock Star? Apparently Not... (We Were All Wrong!)As it turns out, sometimes the Internet is wrong... Whoops!
Bono Is The World's Richest Rock Star, But Not Because Of His MusicCan you guess how he made $1.4 billion in just the past six years?
What Do You Think Of The Latest 'Batman VS. Superman" Trailer?Have you seen the latest trailer for the next big super hero film?
Facebook Reportedly Eyeing Music Streaming in FutureGet ready to add Facebook to the seemingly endless list of streaming music services.
You Will be Watching Music Videos Through Facebook Very SoonFacebook is trying to lock in licensing deals from the major labels in order to start the program as soon as possible.
Share This Viral Photo To Help A WWII Veteran Connect With His ShipmatesCheryl Johnson Brown is from the Joliet/Plainfield and a picture she's posted on Facebook has been shared over 900 thousand times.
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