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Does Facebook Know You Better Than Your Friends & Family?

Your Facebook may know your personality traits a little too well!


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VIDEO: Things You Said Ten Years Ago That Make No Sense Today!

Some things just fade away with time, don’t they?


Dave Getting Ready To Run

Join Dave Fogel At The MMRF Race for Research 5K Walk/Run On Sunday

My friend John was diagnosed with cancer recently, so I decided that I join the MMRF Race for Research on Sunday in Lincoln Park as a way to honor him.


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How Can Chicago Crime Be Up AND Down?

Here’s one of those stats that leaves you scratching your head.


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VIDEO: Worst Person Alive Kicks Stray Cat, Gets Tracked Down By Facebook And Arrested

WARNING: Do not watch this video if you have high blood pressure, a heart condition, or can’t stand to see a disgusting human being abuse an innocent animal. At least police were able to track him down…


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PHOTO: Chicago Restaurant Turns Blackhawks Logo Into Pizza (The Hawks Have Never Looked This Delicious)

In celebration of the Hawk’s first playoffs game against the Wild, a Chicago pizza parlor made a very special pizza to celebrate Chicago’s impending victory.


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CBS “Late Late Show” Host Craig Ferguson Is Calling It Quits!

Yesterday,”Late Late Show” host Craig Ferguson announced he wasn’t going to do the show anymore.


Daves On TV

It’s A #ThrowbackThursday Photo Of Dave Fogel

This is a photo of a TV show I hosted called U.V.D.O. (for You-video). It was sort of a home made music video/game show.


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Daughter Gets Dad’s Huge Trial Settlement Taken Away After Tweeting About It

This is one daddy-daughter moment I’m sure this guy would like to forget!


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This Is NOT How You Ride A Metra Train!

Did you hear about the guy in Rogers Park that climbed atop a stopped Metra train yesterday morning? Maybe there wasn’t an open seats! Take a listen to what cops say he was doing up there and how long it took them to finally get him down!




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