Arby's Is Introducing Some New Sandwiches, Including Venison & Elk!Starting next week, you'll be able to get several different kinds of meat in your Arby's sandwich!
Fast-Food Chicken Nuggets, Ranked — See Who's #1!Wendy's, McDonald's, Chick-Fil-A all duke it out...
Will Your Job Be Replaced By A Robot?So a group of scientists and authors got together and did some research to see what jobs would be replaced by robots in the future.
McDonald's Breakfast All Day Long? Yes, Please!Oak Brook based McDonalds says they'll start serving breakfast AROUND THE CLOCK soon!
Do You Think Of Illinois As A Particularly Patriotic Place?There's a new ranking of the most Patriotic states in the US and you'll never guess where Illinois landed.
VIDEO: Man Exploits McDonald's 'Create Your Taste' Option To Create Monstrous Burger30 slices of different kinds of cheeses, 10 servings of bacon and a mess of pickles, onions, BBQ sauce and just about every other condiment you can think of!
VIDEO: The Rap In This 1980s Wendy's Training Video is Just So... '80s!Here's a clip from a 1980s Wendy's Restaurant training video explaining the correct why to make one of the fast food chains hamburgers.
QUIZ: Can You Identify These Restaurants By Only One Letter From Their Logo?If you're a foodie, this is the quiz for you!
There Will Be A Nationwide Fast Food Strike Today!Some fast food workers want $15 an hour and are planning to engage in some civil disobedience to get it!
Ouch! Greg Maddux Hall Of Fame Speech Probably Stung Some Cubs Fans!Former White Sox player Frank Thomas and Former Cub Greg Maddux were entered into the Baseball Hall of Fame yesterday.
VIDEO: Check Out These McDonald's Foods You Cant Get In The USA!McDonald's restaurants are all over the world, but didn't you know that they don't all serve the same stuff?
You Want Fries With That Strike?If your local fast food restaurant seems a little under staffed next Thursday, this might be the reason for it!

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