Fiona Apple Sends Emotional Message of Support to Sinead O'ConnorApple calls O'Connor her hero in a new video message.
Anti-Valentine's Day Playlist — Scorned Women EditionSongs are too often from the POV of jerks begging for forgiveness... sometimes you gotta hear the other side of the story.
Beatles Wednesday Video: 'Across The Universe'Pick up the Beatles final album, "Let It Be", and take a look at the track listing and you'll see this song.
7 Videos That Led Director Mark Romanek to Taylor SwiftBefore director Mark Romanek was helping Taylor Swift shake it off, he was making videos for the likes of Nine Inch Nails, Lenny Kravitz and more.
Producer Behind Fiona Apple's 'Scary, Beautiful' GRAMMY Album Revealed
Album Stream: 'Rave On Buddy Holly' Feat. Covers By Paul McCartney And More

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