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VIDEO: Diane Keaton's Beer Pong Rules Are Way Better Than Jimmy Fallon'sAppearing on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, Keaton went head-to-head with Fallon in beer pong. It was clear she had no idea what the rules were, and didn't care one bit.
VIDEO: How Much Would All The Damage In 'Ghostbusters' Cost?I was just watching the movie Ghostbusters yesterday and forgot how much damage they do in that movie!
VIDEO: Check Out How Lazy Your cat Really Is!Don't think your cat is lazy? I've got proof that it really is!
VIDEO: Police Chase Seems Much Funnier With The Benny Hill Theme!Sure, police chases are dangerous, but they seem a little less dangerous when you speed it up and put music underneath it!
VIDEO: United Center Transition From Ice To HardwoodHave you ever wondered how their crew can transform the place from an ice hockey rink to a hardwood basketball court and back so quickly? Throw in a concert or two and it seems downright impossible! Maybe it's magic.
VIDEO: The Greatest Red Light Camera Prank Ever!It seems you can't go anywhere in Chicago without encountering a red light camera or one of the ones that catches you speeding!
VIDEO: Just How Much Would All That Destruction In The "Die Hard" Movies Really Cost?Ever wonder what the total would be on all the destruction in an action movie?
VIDEO: Did You Know That Brian Williams From NBC Nightly News Was Also A Rapper?The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon is at it again!
VIDEO: Guy Taking Selfie Gets Kicked In The Head By A Passing Train ConductorSafety is important! Which is probably why this train conductor kicked this guy on the side of the head.
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