Drink Up! It's Craft Beer Week In Chicago!Normally a week is seven days, but in this case it's eight and I'm totally cool with it!
Beer That's Good For You Could Soon Be On It's Way!A beer that's both nutritious, delicious and hang over free?
Want To Know Which Liquor Gives The Worst Hangover?What liquor gives you the worst hangover? Is it your beloved gin, or beautiful, brown whiskey? Here are some facts!
Sprite: A Possible Cure For Your HangoverHungover? New research suggests you may want to reach for a can of Sprite. A study published in the September 2013 issue of Food and Function showed that chemicals in the non-caffeinated beverage can halt that awful next-day feeling.
Top 10 Ways To Cure A Hangover!Congratulations, you survived New Years Eve. It is now 2012 and all your New Years Resolutions (and mistakes you made last night) are about to catch up to you. How about I pose this question: How do you feel this morning? If you feel anything like we do, you are going to need some help getting through the day! Here are some tips on how you can cure that massive hangover, and remember, in 2013, you are never drinking again.
Hangover 2 Trailer!
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