An Off Duty Indiana State Trooper Helped Save A Dyer Man's Life!If this isn't the definition of a hero, I don't know what is!
A Job Drinking Beer? Where Do We Sign Up?Drinking and getting paid for it?
Chicago McDonald's Employee Goes Viral After Helping Disabled CustomerInstead of staying behind the counter or flipping burgers for the hungry rush-hour crowd, this McDonald's employee sat down with a disabled customer...
Good Samaritans Wont Give Up on Stranded PitbullTwo Good Samaritans wouldn't give up hope on saving a pitbull named Duke. Duke had been missing for days when he was seen stranded on the ice of the Delaware River. Firefighters claimed that the ice wasn't thick enough and it was too dangerous to rescue the pitbull, but Russ Miller and another passerby decided to give it a shot.
No Matter How You Pronounce It, You'll Love Eddie V's Song Gyros!
#4 Song Jack Will Never Play: Enrique Iglesias "Hero"

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