VIDEO: Blackhawks Goal Song On Trumpet...And GUN?!?Super fan Charlie Cook put a video of himself online playing "Chelsea Dagger" (the Hawks goal song) on a trumpet, but that's NOT the only instrument he’s using in the performance.
Here's How You Can See Your Favorite Blackhawks Players Before Tonight's Home Opener!The Chicago Blackhawks will kick off their regular season tonight at 7 PM against the New York Rangers.
The Chicago Blackhawks Received Their Stanley Cup Rings Yesterday!How would you like to have a ring on your finger that had 10.8 carats worth of diamonds on it?
Fidgeting Could Help Lengthen Your Life!People that fidget could live longer lives.
Missed Last Night's GOP Debate? We've Got The Audio HighlightsDid you hear the barbs that Republican Presidential hopefuls Jeb Bush and Donald Trump were throwing at each other last nights?
VIDEO: Have You Seen Jonathan Toews' New Stick?Jonathan Toews has a brand new stick for the new season. Now, we get to see him - and his stick - in action...even before the first preseason game on the 22nd!
Cubs Fans Might Want To Clear Their Schedules For These Dates!Maybe I'm just being optimistic, but Major League Baseball has announced the dates of post season play.
Single Game Tickets For The Blackhawks Season Go On Sale Today!If you want to buy single game tickets for the Chicago Blackhawks, then today's the day.
Will Donald Trump Support A Republican Nominee That Isn't Him?The first Republican debate among the candidates was last night.
Preseason Single Game Tickets For The Blackhawks Go On Sale Today!Where will you be at 10 AM this morning?
The Blackhawks Are Building A New Practice Facility On The Site Of Malcolm X CollegeDo you know where Malcolm X College is on the West Side by the United Center?
Peru Is Probably The Last Place You'd Expect To See Blackhawks Captain Jonathan Toews !So you're hiking through the mountains of Peru and you look over and it's none other than Johnathan Toews of the Chicago Blackhawks!
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