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How Can Chicago Crime Be Up AND Down?

Here’s one of those stats that leaves you scratching your head.


Illinois Gov. Quinn

Will The Illinois Legislature Get Anything Done This Session?

The Illinois Legilature wraps up in just four days and you need to hear the laundry list of things they need to accomplish by then!  Do you think any of it will get done?


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President Obama Is Coming To Chicago, Just In Time To Mess Up Traffic

President Obama will be giving a speech in Chicago tomorrow, which may mess up your travel times!  Take a listen to find out just what time he’s expected to be making his way downtown!


Here’s One Time When A Million Dollars In Insurance Isnt Enough!

Did you know that the fertilizer plant that exploded in Texas only carried a million dollars in insurance.  The explosion wiped out half a town and did more damage than that, so what happens now?


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K-Hits News: You’ll Be Seeing More Chicago Cops On The Streets!

Chicago’s Top Cop says he’s going to have more police officers beating the streets.  Take a listen to see if your neighborhood will be one that will have more police foot patrols as a part […]