It Was A Bad Night For The Chicago Blackhawks Last Night!While the Chicago Cubs had a good night (albeit a late one) yesterday, everything wasn't as peachy in the Chicago Blackhawks nation.
The Washington Nationals Have Forced A Game 5 With The Cubs!As a Cubs fan, I've seen a lot of "W" flags in my time!
Chicago Cubs' Players Were Everywhere But Wrigley Field Yesterday!The Chicago Cubs home opener was Monday and while it may have ended Tuesday morning, players had yesterday off.
All of The Cubs Pregame Ceremonies Took A Long, Long Time!Let me preface this by saying I'm a HUGE Cubs fan!
Chicago Has The Most Germ-Laden Buses, Cabs & Trains In The US!Think about this the next time you sit down on some sort of public transportation.
What Was Hidden Inside Mayor Emanuel's New Chicago Budget?Sometimes it can take a little digging, but some interesting facts came out of Mayor Emanuel's new city budget.
Here's Why Ronald McDonald May Be Keeping A Low Profile For Awhile!As creepy clowns go, Ronald McDonald isn't very creepy.
VIDEO: Schwarber's Home-Run Staying Right Where It Landed -- On Top Of The Right Field ScoreboardThat home run that Cubs rookie Kyle Schwarber planted on top of the right field video scoreboard isn't going to move from that spot.
PHOTO: They Found Kyle Schwarber's Home Run Blast... On Top Of The JumboTron!Personally, I thought that Kyle Schwarber's seventh inning blast to give the Cubs the lead over the Cardinals ended up in orbit, but it turns out it was someplace a little closer to Earth.
Check Out How Many Collection Calls The State Of Illinois Gets Every Day!Think you've got it bad when it come to bill collectors calling you?
Put Me In, Coach: George Thorogood Wanted To Be A Dodger (Executive) [VIDEO]Legendary blues-rocker George Thorogood is a longtime baseball fan, and he often discusses his love for America’s pastime often. But in a recent interview with CBS Local, the Delaware icon revealed that he was contemplating leaving music to try to work for the Los Angeles Dodgers… in their public relations department. His reasoning: the organization has a great history which they aren’t marketing properly.

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