Mayor Emanuel

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Which Ally Of Mayor Emanuel Said The City Needs To Remove The City’s Red Light Cameras?!

If Mayor Emanuel wants to win reelection, he needs to get rid of Chicago’s red light cameras.


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Should The Government Regulate The Internet?

Is the internet a public utility?


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It’s Hard To Believe It’s Possible, But Illinois’ Credit Rating Has Gotten Worse!

Moody Credit Services has downgraded Illinois’ credit rating to the worst in the nation.


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Check Out What A Woman At Midway Airport Thought She Could Leave In Her Carry On!

There’s certain things that the TSA frowns upon you leaving in your carry-on.


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An Illinois ID May Not Be Enough To Get You On An Airplane Soon!

Here’s hoping that you’ve got passport, even if you’re not traveling outside the US.


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Former Chicago Mayor Daley Kinda Sorta Endorsed Mayor Emanuel Yesterday

Current Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel got an endorsement from former Mayor Daley yesterday


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Looks Like The Barrack Obama Presidential Library Wont Be In Chicago After All!

President Obama is from Illinois, so it makes sense that his Presidential Library would be built here right?


<> on February 2, 2015 in Chicago, Illinois.

The Snow That We’ve Gotten This Month Has Been Record Breaking!

Last Sunday’s snowstorm was the #5 biggest snowstorm in Chicago history, but it also help set some other records for winter weather.


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Chicago Cops Will Be Out Looking For Drunk Drivers After The Super Bowl On Sunday!

Chicago Police say they’ll have extra patrols out looking for people that are drinking and driving after Sunday’s Big Game!




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