Mayor Emanuel

Does A Candidate's Tone Influence Your Vote?A recent poll found that a candidate's tone influences who they vote for when they hit the polls.
If You Live Near O'Hare, Plans For A New Runway Probably Won't Make You Happy!There's a new 1.3 billion dollar runway that will soon be built at O'Hare Airport.
Will Tomorrow's State Of The State Address Turn In To The Blame Game?Governor Rauner will deliver his State of the State address tomorrow.
Here's How Low Gas Prices Could Have You Flying High (Literally!)Here's a good result of all the low gas prices we've been having!
Scientists Think They've Discovered A New Planet In Our Solar System!Is there a planet in our solar system that we never knew about?
The IRS Is Warning People To Not Fall For This Scam!If you get a call from someone claiming to be from the IRS saying you owe them money, hang up.
You Might Have To Be 21 To Buy Cigarettes In Chicago SoonRight now, you have to be 18 to buy cigarettes or tobacco in Chicago.
Governor Rauner Says Mayor Emanuel Is Dreaming If He Thinks He's Getting Money For CPSGovernor Rauner isn't budging when it comes to giving Mayor Emanuel money for Chicago Public Schools.
Are Bananas In Danger Of Becoming Extinct?There's a fungus among us!
More People Are Moving Out of Illinois Than Just About Any Other State!A whole lot of people seem to be packing up the moving van and heading out of the state of Illinois.
Rules Meant To Curb Flight Delays Are Actually Causing More!K-Hits News happens at around :10 and :40 past each hour between 5 and 8 AM every weekday morning on the Dave Fogel Morning Show!
Just How Much Did People Save On Gas Last Year?Here's the benefit of the lower gas prices that we currently have.

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