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The Tonight Show Is Returning To Chicago For The First Time In A Decade!

Jimmy Fallon announced yesterday that he’s bringing “The Tonight Show” to Chicago to film some shows!

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Why Is Bears Receiver Brandon Marshall Holding A Press Conference Today?

Chicago bears receiver Brandon Marshall plans on holding a press conference today.

23 hours ago

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Lawsuits Aren’t Going To Stop The Cubs Renovation Of Wrigley Field!

Never mind the fact that there are lawsuits pending, The Chicago Cubs have filed for permits to start working on Wrigley Field.


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How Well Did Chicago Kids Do In Rahm’s Readers Summer Learning Challenge?

2.7 million books is a whole lot of books!


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There Will Be A Nationwide Fast Food Strike Today!

Some fast food workers want $15 an hour and are planning to engage in some civil disobedience to get it!


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The Jackie Robinson All Stars Were Big Winners In Game 1 Of The Little League World Series!

It only took the Jackie Robinson All Stars Little League five innings to win game one of the Little League World Series.


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Who Is To Blame For Chicago’s Financial Problems: Daley Or Emanuel?

Just who is responsible for all of the city’s current financial woes?


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The Chicago Cubs Are Building A New Park (For Kids, Not Baseball!)

The Chicago Cubs and the city of Chicago are working together to build a new park!


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Is Congress Planning On Suing The President?

Another political showdown could soon be on the horizon in Washington DC?


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Mayor Emanuel Wants To Raise Chicago’s Minimum Wage To $13 (But Not Till 2018)

How long before Chicago’s minimum wage is $13 an hour?




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