Mayor Emanuel

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Will This Move Help Chicago Get The Obama Library & The George Lucas Museum?

There’s some moves happening downstate to help out the City of Chicago.


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Why Was Mayor Emanuel Hanging Out With Director Spike Lee Yesterday?

Mayor Emanuel isn’t happy about the movie that director Spike Lee is filming here in Chicago.


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What Could Google Have Possibly Done That Might Get Them Fined Six Billion Dollars?

Officials in the European Union are thinking about fining Google six billion dollars.


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What Did Rahm Emanuel & Jesus Chuy Garcia Have To Say After Last Night’s Mayoral Run-Off Election?

Jesus ‘Chuy” Garcia conceded the Chicago Mayoral race less than two hours after the polls closed last night.


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Want To Buy An Airplane? The State Has A Bunch For Sale!

The state of Illinois is trying to sell off five airplanes they own, but it doesn’t seem to be going all that well.


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Did You Miss Last Night’s Debate? Don’t Worry! We Have The Highlights!

There always seems to be fireworks whenever Mayor Emanuel and Jesus Garcia debate!


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What Kind Of Approval Rating Would You Give The CTA?

The majority of CTA users still approve of the CTA, but the numbers are down from a  couple of years ago.


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Who Is Ahead In The Latest Chicago Mayoral Polls-Emanuel Or Garcia?

The first debate of the Mayoral run-off election is tonight and before that, who has a double digit lead in the race?


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Chicago’s Been Named A Model City For Financial Education? Really?

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan has named Chicago a model city for financial education.


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Airport Screeners Found Guns In 2 Bags This Weekend At Midway Airport!

TSA agents say they found handguns in the bags of two people at Midway Airport this past weekend.