Navy Pier

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The Special Olympics Torch Will Be In Chicago This Friday!

Some people will run, some people will walk and some will ride a bike to get the Special Olympics torch to Los Angeles before next month’s World Games there.


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The Fireworks Are Back At Navy Pier!

Even though the weather the past couple of days would seems to say otherwise, here’s another sure sign that summer is just around the corner.


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PHOTOS: Here’s What Makes Chicago The Greatest City In The World!

When you stop and think of all the amazing things we have at our fingertips in this city, you suddenly realize that Chicago is the greatest city in the world!


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Yes, That Was Santa You Saw Running Near Soldier Field On Saturday!

Santa was running near Soldier Field on Saturday.


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Looking For Something To Do? Check Out These FREE Things To Do In Chicago!

There’s all kinds of things to do in Chicago that will cost you money, but here’s some things that won’t cost you anything!


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Who Will Get Former Bears Coach Mike Ditka’s Vote In The Illinois Governor’s Race?

Mike Ditka has made it pretty well known who he’ll be voting for in the race for Illinois Governor later this year!


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Did You Miss The Fourth Of July Fireworks At Navy Pier? Don’t Worry!

Did you see the fireworks at Navy Pier on the Fourth of July?


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PHOTOS: Here’s Proof Chicago Is The Most Beautiful City In The World!

Here’s photographic proof of Chicago beauty!


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Would You Ride The World’s Tallest Ferris Wheel?

I think I’ll stick to the Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier!


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Navy Pier Wants To Take You Around The World!

Want to visit China, Greece, Mexico, India or Lithuania and not have to go any farther than Navy Pier?