New York

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Will Donald Trump Support A Republican Nominee That Isn’t Him?

The first Republican debate among the candidates was last night.


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Anyone Want To Loan Chicago Public Schools A Billion Dollars?

Since a $600 million dollar pension payment to teachers is due on Tuesday, the board at the Chicago Public Schools has decided they needed to do this…


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There Was A Near Miss At Midway Yesterday!

Two planes came a little too close for comfort while taxing towards a runway yesterday at Midway Airport.


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When It Comes To Titles, Chicago Is The City Of Champions!

We are the champions and here’s the math to prove it!


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Is Tampa Bay A Better Hockey Town Than Chicago?

How anybody could even think this is beyond us!


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Arrivals & Departures Have Improved At O’Hare Airport, But It’s Still Not Good!

Nearly 80% of arrivals and departures at O’Hare Airport were on time in March and April, but the airport still ranks near the bottom when it comes to them!


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We Can Blame Canada For Yesterday’s Funny Looking Sunrise!

Here’s what caused yesterday’s sun to look a little different!


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What is First Lady Michelle Obama Doing In Town Today?

The FLOTUS is going to be in Chicago this afternoon, but it won’t be for anything political.


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You’ll Be Hearing less Celine Dion & Justin Bieber At Wal-Mart Soon!

It was announced at the most recent Wal-Mart shareholders meeting that you’ll be hearing less Celine Dion and Justin Bieber on the overhead speakers.


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Just How Much Did Jerry Seinfeld Make Per Line On His Seinfeld? (Hint: It’s A Lot!)

Somebody at CNBC decided to do the math and see how much Jerry Seinfeld earned per line on his Seinfeld TV series.