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Should The Government Regulate The Internet?

Is the internet a public utility?


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You Didn’t Win Last Night’s Half A Billion Powerball Lottery Jackpot!

There were three winners in last night’s Powerball Lottery jackpot, but it probably wasn’t you.


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Did You Miss The State Of The State Address Or The Most Recent Mayoral Debate? No Problem!

What does new Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner want to increase spending on?


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Is There A Mass Exodus Of People Leaving Illinois?

The number of people leaving the state of Illinois is getting pretty scary.


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What Did Bears Owner Virginia McCaskey Think of This Season? She’s ****** Off!

George McCaskey, the son of Chicago Bears owner Virginia McCaskey didn’t mince words when it came to his Mom’s opinion of this year’s Chicago Bears season.


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Did You Know That The Harlem Globetrotters Were Actually Formed In Chicago?

The Harlem Globetrotters face off against the Washington Generals tonight at the Allstate Arena at 7 PM.


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What Are The CTA’s Plan To Get Rid Of The Rats?

The CTA says it has a plan that will eliminate their rat problem.


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A Lot Of People Quit Their Jobs This September, But It’s A Good Thing!

Nearly 3 million people quit their jobs in September!


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Chicago Has Raised It’s Minimum Wage, But Will The State Follow Suit?

Did the downstate legislature vote on raising Illinois’ minimum wage before the adjourned?


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This Was One Of The Warmest Years On Record, Well, Everywhere But Here!

Scientists say 2014 was one of the warmest years on record with a couple of exceptions.