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Is Mayor Emanuel’s Motorcade Still Getting Caught Running Red Lights?

Last May, Mayor Emanuel’s motorcade and security detail was caught running red lights by the cameras that have been set up all over the city.


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Want To Visit The #1 Museum In The World? It’s Right Here In Chicago!

The Art Institute of Chicago isn’t just the best museum in the country, it’s the best in the world!


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Lawsuits Aren’t Going To Stop The Cubs Renovation Of Wrigley Field!

Never mind the fact that there are lawsuits pending, The Chicago Cubs have filed for permits to start working on Wrigley Field.


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What State Has The Rudest Drivers?

Here in Illinois, we’re only semi-rude when it comes to driving.


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A Bunch Of Things You’ll Never Hear A Chicagoan Say!

What’s some things you’ll never hear a true Chicagoan say?


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The Second City Is Sixth When It Comes To Stress!

Feeling stressed out?


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Forget Second City, Chicago Could Soon Become The Floating City!

Would you visit something like this?


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The Obama’s Are Thinking About Retiring To New York?

Even though the President and First Lady are from Chicago, they might not spend their golden years here!


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Will Scottie Pippen Go To The Knicks?

Rookies are working out here in Chicago at the Columbine and sources report the general manager of the New York Knicks met privately with Scottie on Thursday.


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Alec Baldwin Arrested… For Riding His Bike?

Alec Baldwin was arrested this morning for allegedly riding his bike the wrong way down Fifth Avenue.




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