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The Country’s Opinion Of Congress Has NEVER Been Worse, Even During Watergate!

Wait till you hear the approval rating for Congress that’s in this newscast!

13 hours ago

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Will Hillary Clinton Run For President?

Hillary Clinton was in Iowa over the weekend and check out her answer when she was asked if she’d be running for POTUS.


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What Will This Coming Winter Be Like? Well, It Depends…

Will this winter be colder or warmer than last year?


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Should Chicago Public School Start Later So Kids Can Get More Sleep?

Some alderman want the Chicago City Council to hold hearings on whether or not school should start later so kids can get more sleep.


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If You Have Trouble Getting A Cab Downtown Today, Here’s Why!

Chicago’s cab driver are staging a work slowdown today in their campaign to get higher wages.


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Smoking Is Now Banned In All Of Chicago’s Public Parks!

Don’t light up a cigarette if you’re near one of Chicago’s public parks.


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Which Fish Is Much Smarter Than You Think?

Trout (yes, the fish) are a lot smarter than you think.


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Mayor Emanuel Wants Kids Indoors By Curfew!

Mayor Emanuel says he wants to crack down on curfews for kids under 18.


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It’s Fighting Words Between Governor Quinn & His Opponent Bruce Rauner!

Governor Quinn had a pretty heated verbal exchange yesterday!


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Who Will Get Former Bears Coach Mike Ditka’s Vote In The Illinois Governor’s Race?

Mike Ditka has made it pretty well known who he’ll be voting for in the race for Illinois Governor later this year!




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