Forget Distracted Driving, Distracted Walking Is A Problem Now!Pedestrian deaths are up...
The U.S. Has A Huge Amount Of Credit Card Debt!How much credit card debt do you have?
NASA Isn't Sure What's Causing a Black Hole In The Sun!Isn't this something we should worry about?
Five Ducklings Were Saved Along The Kennedy Expressway Yesterday!Five little ducklings were trying to cross the Kennedy Expressway yesterday, in between all the cars and trucks.
Donald Trump Says He'll Debate Bernie Sanders...For A PriceHillary Clinton has refused to debate Bernie Sanders in California, so now Donald Trump says he will.
Think Your Computer Is Old? Check Out The Dinosaurs The Feds Are Using!Did you know that the federal government spends most of it's I-T budget on maintenance on some really old computers.
Naperville Is The Wealthiest City In The Midwest!If this story is true, if you live in Naperville, you've probably got some serious money in the bank.
The John Hancock Center Could Get A New Name SoonMove over Willis Tower, another famous Chicago building could soon have a new name.
Chicago's Population Dropped, Again... And Houston's Continue's To GrowWhile most cities grew in the last year, census numbers found Chicago actually lost population.
What Is Causing The Extra Long TSA Lines At Chicago's Airports?When the head of the TSA was asked why the lines at both Midway and O'Hare airports have been so long this week, he, in so many words, said he didn't really know why.
The City Of Chicago Is Looking For Someone To Loan Them $600 Million Bucks!Try to not get trampled by the bevy of investors looking to sign up for this one. (Yes, that's sarcasm!)
Is The George Lucas Museum Headed Out West?Before George Lucas decided that he wanted his museum in Chicago, he floated the idea of building it in San Francisco.

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