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Should The City Of Chicago Refund All The Money it’s Made From Red Light Cameras?

A new lawsuit claims the city of Chicago should refund the over half a billion dollars they’ve made from red light cameras.


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Chicago Spent 30 Million Bucks On Snow Removal This Winter, Not Including Today!

Remember the blizzard we got the day of the Super Bowl?


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Your Dog’s Kisses Are Better Than Yogurt!

Not letting your dog lick your face could be bad for your health!


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Could President Obama Become The Next Magnum PI?

Are The Obama’s looking to buy the house where Magnum PI was filmed in back in the 80s?


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Target Agrees To A Settlement Over Credit Cards That Were Hacked!

Remember when the hackers got in and stole the information of credit card holders that used their cards at Target.


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Beer That’s Good For You Could Soon Be On It’s Way!

A beer that’s both nutritious, delicious and hang over free?


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Another Chicago Landmark May Be Changing It’s Name Soon!

Ready to learn another new name?


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Miss Last Night’s Mayoral Debate? We’ve Got The Highlights

Here’s what happened at last night’s Chicago mayoral debate!