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The Chicago Bears Have Benched Jay Cutler For Sunday’s Game Vs. The Detroit Lions!

The starting QB for Sunday’s home game against the Detroit Lions won’t be Jay Cutler.

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<> on December 17, 2014 in Miami, United States.

Will You Plan A Cuban Summer Vacation Now That The US Sanctions Against Them Are No More?

President Obama announced that the USA is lifting sanctions against Cuba.

21 hours ago

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We May Actually Have A White Christmas Come December 25th!

Do you need snow for it to officially be Christmas?


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Could We Possibly Have Another President Bush In The White House?

Jeb Bush says he’s thinking about running for President.


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What Are The CTA’s Plan To Get Rid Of The Rats?

The CTA says it has a plan that will eliminate their rat problem.


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If You’re Headed To The Post Office Today, You Won’t be Alone!

If the Post Office seems a little extra packed today, here’s why!


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Where Does Illinois Rank In Healthiest States In The Nation? (Hint: It’s Not Good)

The United Health Foundation ranked the states based on good health recently and look where Illinois ranked on that list.


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Cooperation In Washington DC (Yes, You Read That Right!) Means No Government Shutdown Today!

If the House didn’t pass a spending bill yesterday, we could have faced a government shutdown at midnight this morning.


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Here’s Why Your Com Ed Bill Will Be A Little Higher Starting Next Month!

Com Ed has gotten the go ahead to increase rates so they can modernize their electrical grid.




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