Could Former Bear Brian Urlacher Be Headed To The Hall of Fame?In the first year that he was able to make the list, former Chicago Bear Brian Urlacher has made the list of potential Hall of Famers.
The FBI Isn't Happy About Illinois' Lack Of A Budget!Illinois is entering into Year 2 without a budget and that's got the FBI ticked off.
If You Hear Some Of Chicago's Statues Talking To You, You're Not Crazy!In today's connected world, there's pretty much an app for everything.
Will Donald Trump Support A Republican Nominee That Isn't Him?The first Republican debate among the candidates was last night.
Vote For The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame NomineesThe 2015 nominees for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame have been announced. As usual, there are those who are thrilled and those who are livid that an "obvious choice" was excluded.
Check Out The Chicago-Academy Award Connection!Ever hear about those gift bags that Oscar nominees get? There's a HUGE Chicago connection with them. Most call 'em swag bags. If you combine all the stuff in them it adds up to over 50 grand worth of stuff!
16 New Nominees For The Rock & Roll Hall Of FameEvery year, the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame puts out a ballot with nominees for the next year's induction. Today, we learned which 16 artists/groups are looking for votes. Half of the nominees are first-timers on the ballot.
GRAMMY Nominations 2013: The Biggest Surprises & The TakeawaysThe theme of this year’s nominations could be taken in a number of ways, but when you look at the contenders up for all-powerful Album of the Year category, one thing is certain: it’s the year of the underdogs and the newcomers.
The 2012 Rock N Roll Hall of Fame Nominees are here!
2012 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Nominees Announced

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