Happy 102nd Birthday To Evelyn Soderquist of Orland Park!When I'm 102, I hope I'm still on my motorcycle!
Could Some Before & After Photos Get An Orland Park Plastic Surgeon In Trouble?Some Orland Park plastic surgeons could be in trouble for allegedly posting some before and after pics of their work.
Happy 106th Birthday To Rose Gilio of Orland Park
Did You Know ‘This Is Us’ Star Justin Hartley Is From The Chicago Area?!He went to Carl Sandburgh High School!!
An Off Duty Chicago Cop Saved A Drowning Boy's Life!Sometimes you need to be a cop, even when you're off duty.
Can Someone Help This Orland Park Bride Find Her Wedding Ring?When you're a woman and you get married and take his last name, there's all kinds of things you have to do.
Orland Park Will Start Using Its First Ever DroneOrland Park has another way to watch out for criminals, but it's not another officer.
Eww! A Rare Eel Was Found In Orland Park!A rare American eel was found in a forest preserve lake in Orland Park!
Suburban Library Has A Porn ProblemApparently Orland Park Public Library allows people to look at porn, and there's at least one mother who ain't happy about it. Megan Fox (no, not THAT Megan Fox) and Kevin Djuan attended a library budget meeting on Monday to state complaints that the library allows easy access to pornography and that individuals caught looking at obscene material aren't dealt with properly.
Talk About Being In The Right Place At The Right Time!Did you hear this story about a teen that passed out and stopped breathing while eating at an Orland Park restaurant over the weekend?  Well, it turns out that there was a doctor and a nurse both eating at the same place at the time and they were about to jump in, do CPR and save his life!  Sarah Kane is a nurse at Advocate Children's Hospital and her fiancee is a doctor.  The 16 year old teen, Nicholas Theilgaard says he doesn't remember much of what happened.  Well, good job Sarah and her doctor fiancee and an even better choice of restaurants Nick!
The Rolling Stones Are Going Back To High School For Backup!The Rolling Stones just did a show in Las Vegas and used a high school choir to sing backup on one of their songs!  Who do you think was more excited about this gig, the students or their parents!  This round of K-Hits News leaves no Stone unturned!
Here's An Iron Man Stunt That Could've Went Really Wrong!Did you hear about the stunt a Missouri theater manager pulled during a showing of “Iron Man 3″ this past weekend? Talk about bad judgement! Take a listen to exactly what happened!

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