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The Staff At Giordano’s On Rush Got Some Steven Tyler Selfies The Other Night!

Aerosmith lead singer stopped by Giordano’s on Rush Monday Night!


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POLL: Just How Chicago Are You?

Are you a true Chicagoan?


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VIDEO: It’s A Tiny Hamster Eating A Tiny Slice Of Pizza

Last week I posted up a video of a tiny little hamster eating little burrito.


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PHOTO: Chicago Restaurant Turns Blackhawks Logo Into Pizza (The Hawks Have Never Looked This Delicious)

In celebration of the Hawk’s first playoffs game against the Wild, a Chicago pizza parlor made a very special pizza to celebrate Chicago’s impending victory.


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Here’s Proof That Eating Pizza Could Be Good For Your Health!

Somebody call Leona’s Pizza in on Elston and have them send me over a pizza, it could save my life!


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There’s Certain Things About Food That Only Chicagoans Would Understand!

Beef sandwiches are supposed to be wet, pizza is supposed to be deep dish and the best Mexican food is found in Pilsen, not some high class place downtown! Check out this list of 26 Food Things Only A Chicagoan Would Understand. They are all so true!


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VIDEO: Ellen Gives A $1,000 Tip To The Pizza Delivery Guy At The Oscars!

Remember when Ellen and a pizza delivery guy were handing out slices of pizza to the stars in the audience at the Academy Awards on Sunday?


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Who Said Chicago Style Pizza Isn’t Really Pizza?

One of the Justices of The Supreme Court was in Chicago yesterday and said that while Chicago Style Pizza is tasty, it shouldn’t really be called pizza!


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When It Comes To Pizza, The Chicago Cubs Are Getting Their Slice!

If you’re planing on a trip to Wrigley Field and want a slice of pizza while you’re there, I hope you like Giordano’s.


Diamondbacks v Cubs

Music Video Surfaces Of Macaulay Culkin’s Pizza-Themed Velvet Underground Cover Band

A music video for Mcaulay Culkin’s band The Pizza Underground has surfaced. It confirms that, yes, they are what they claim to be.




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