Here's Why Running From Police....And Into A Police Station Is A Bad Idea!Here's proof that criminals aren't all that smart...
The Chicago Children's Theater Is Opening This Week In The West LoopWhat can you buy for a buck that will end up costing you nearly 8.5 million in the end?
Nine-Year-Old Lowell Girl Finds Abandoned NewbornIf you have any info that might help police, they ask that you call 1-800-750-2746 and let them know!
Could The Chicago Cubs Be Moving Stadiums?The Chicago Cubs now say they want at least seven signs in the outfield.
This CTA Bus Driver Almost Got The Ax This Weekend!Thankfully no one was hurt, but did you hear what happened on a CTA bus this past weekend!
Who Will Be The Next Governor Of Illinois?William Daley is thinking about running for Governor. Rumor has it that Attorney General Lisa Madigan wants the job as well. Then there’s the current Governor Pat Quinn. Confused? It’s all sorted out on this K-Hits Newscast!
K-Hits News: Illinois Isnt The Only State With Disgraced Ex-Governors!

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