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Decorative Horse Featuring Chicago (The Band AND City) Being Auctioned Off To Help Chicago Officers

Have you seen the Horses of Honor that are all over Chicago?


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Someone Called In A Bomb Threat At Wrigley Field Yesterday!

Wrigley Field had to be evacuated after yesterday’s game after someone called in a bomb threat.


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K-Hits Cares! Stiff Penalties For Using A Fake ID In Illinois!

If you get caught using a fake ID in Illinois, did you know that your actual driver’s license gets suspended for one year?


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Will Donald Trump Support A Republican Nominee That Isn’t Him?

The first Republican debate among the candidates was last night.


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Mayor Emanuel Wants To Expand Midway Airport (But To Where?)

Mayor Emanuel is expected to announce plans to expand Midway Airport today.


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There’s A Whole Bunch Of Asterisks That Go With The Budget Mayor Emanuel Released On Friday

Mayor Emanuel released his Chicago budget proposal on Friday, which he admits is about a half a billion over budget.


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K-Hits Cares! Always Pay Attention To Amber Alerts!

When a child is abducted, the first three hours are the most critical to saving their life.


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Winning The Powerball Just Got A Little Harder!

Your chances of winning the Powerball Lottery were already pretty small and now they’re about to get even smaller!


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K-Hits Cares! Restrain Yourself

Improve your chances of surviving a car crash by wearing a seat belt.


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This June Has Been Really Rainy!

I think we can all agree that Mother Nature needs to knock it off!