K-Hits Cares! If You're A Gun Owner, Are Your Firearms Stored Safely?1.4 million homes have firearms stored in a way that makes them most accessible to about 2.6 million children.
Good Job Guys! Skokie Cops Helped A Teen Buy A Gym Membership!I love stories like this!
VIDEO: Customers Tackle A Would Be Robber At The Valparaiso Aldi!Did you see this surveillance video from a Valparaiso Aldi this past Friday?
Are There Security Concerns In Chicago After The Shootings In Las Vegas?With the Chicago Marathon on the horizon along with the Cubs playoff games, that raised some questions about security at these outdoor Chicago events after the shootings in Las Vegas earlier this week.
Niles North High School In Skokie Has Reinstated It's Varsity Football ProgramA couple of weeks ago Niles North High school suspended it's varsity football program after some hazing allegations.
Ladies, Be Careful If You're Jogging In Any of These North Side Neighborhoods!If you're a woman that jogs in Ravenswood, West Ridge or Rogers Park, keep an eye out for people riding bikes near you!
Why Has Niles North High School Suspended It's Varsity Football Operations?Niles North High School is Skokie has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to hazing.
Here's Why Running From Police....And Into A Police Station Is A Bad Idea!Here's proof that criminals aren't all that smart...
The Cubs' Kyle Schwarber Held His Own Block Party This Weekend!Maybe this helped the team get their mind off of last weekend's disaster on the baseball field!
K-Hits Cares! Don't Drink & DriveIllinois law enforcement is absolutely committed to reducing alcohol-related traffic fatalities!
Thieves Are Stealing The Catalytic Convertors From Cars In Lincoln Park!You might want to check under your car before you leave for work this morning!
A Woman Was Dragged By A Car In The Mt. Prospect Parking Lot Yesterday!How crazy is this story!

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