The City Of Chicago Is Looking For Someone To Loan Them $600 Million Bucks!Try to not get trampled by the bevy of investors looking to sign up for this one. (Yes, that's sarcasm!)
K-Hits Cares! Slow Down Aggressive Driving!30% of all highway deaths in the USA are caused by speeding!
Check Out Governor Rauner's Not-So-Ringing Endorsement Of Donald TrumpWhen Governor Rauner was asked yesterday if he'd support Donald Trump if he becomes the Republican nominee for President, he was very careful with his words.
Getting Revenge On A Friend Got A Riverside Woman Charged With A Felony!There's a lot of ways to get revenge on an ex-friend, but this isn't one of them.
K-Hits Cares! Help Victims Of Sexual AssaultJoin the fight against sexual violence and volunteer in your community.
VIDEO: Schaumburg Police Help Save A Baby's Life!
Could Hillary Clinton "Feel The Bern" In Her "Home State" In Tomorrow's Primary?Even though Hillary Clinton has claimed to be a "Chicago Girl", it may not help her in tomorrow's Democratic primary.
Here's An Excuse You SHOULD NOT Use If You're Pulled Over For A DUI!Hopefully, you've never been pulled over for a DUI, but just in case you are, better scratch this excuse off the list.
Cops Need Your Help Finding A Missing Father Of Two From Arlington HeightsArlington Heights Police say that the last time 38 year old Tim Anderson was seen, it was early on Monday morning around 4:30 AM.
Cops Are Looking For Whoever Crashed Into A Porch in The Fernwood Neighborhood OvernightIt's amazing that anyone could walk away from this.
Bernie & Hillary Seemed To Be Having A Lovefest In Their Debate Last NightWhat fun is a debate if the two people debating agree a lot?
Would You Pay To Get Home Faster Along The Stevenson Expressway?Governor Rauner has started to float the idea of managed lanes along the Stevenson Expressway.

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