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VIDEO: TV Reporter Quits On Air Using Words We Can’t Quote In This Article

Charlo Greene, who was a television reporter for Alaska’s KTVA until she recently quit, gave the ultimate middle finger to her bosses… While she was on air.


K-HITS Cares

K-Hits Cares! Step Away From Tobacco

Take your first step towards ending tobacco use today.


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CBS “Late Late Show” Host Craig Ferguson Is Calling It Quits!

Yesterday,”Late Late Show” host Craig Ferguson announced he wasn’t going to do the show anymore.


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VIDEO: How To Quit Your Job In Style (While Dancing)

Marina V. Shifrin knows a thing or two about making an impression. Instead of handing in her two weeks notice like a normal, boring person, she made a YouTube video for her bosses.


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Here’s What Happens When The DEA Forgets About You!

A college student is several million dollars richer because the DEA forgot about him!  They left him in a jail cell without food or water for several days!  Take a listen to how much the DEA will […]


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Illinois Lawmakers Put The Fun In Dysfunctional!

Illinois lawmakers are suing Governor Quinn to try to get paid.  Quinn has said he’d withhold their pay (and his own) until a pension deal is reached.  Get the full story in this K-Hits Newscast! […]


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Blondie Calling It Quits?

Debbie Harry has been fronting the inspirational new wave/punk band Blondie since the mid-70s, is it time to call it quits? Sure, at 68, she can still get up on a stage and absolutely kill it, but how long can you do something before you get, well, tired of it?


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It’s The Summer Of The Box Office Bombs!

Theres been a bunch of summer blockbusters released this year that havent been much of a blockbuster!  Take a listen to the latest movie that was supposed to be HUGE but ended up being much less than that!


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Your Flight From O’Hare Airport Probably Won’t Be On Time!

A new study on O’Hare Airports on how on time arrivals and departures has revealed some less than flattering news.  Take a listen to this K-Hits News “fly by” and find out where they ranked!



K-Hits Cares! It’s Time To Quit Smoking!

Fewer Americans are smoking cigarettes, and daily smokers are smoking less. Although U.S. smoking rates have dropped in the last 30 years, the decline in adult smoking has not been consistent from year-to-year. Smokers can […]




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