VIDEO: Chicago Storms From Above – Someone Filmed From The Seat Of Their FlightSomeone flying into Chicago decided to film the storm clouds from their passenger-seat window.
Chicago's O'Hare Airport Is About To Expand!The project will create more gates, over 1,000 jobs!
Should Hillary Clinton Have Been Charged Over her E-Mail Scandal?Do you agree with the people in this ABC poll?
Patrick Kane Is The First American-Born Winner Of The Ted Lindsay MVP Award!It's hard to believe he's the first, but it's true!
Naperville One Of The Most 'Successful' Cities In The U.S.See the top 10 most successful US cities...
The TSA Is Being Sued Over Long Airport Security Lines!Remember a couple of weeks ago when TSA line at the airport were incredibly long?
Chicago Cops Nabbed A Murder Suspect At His Press Conference!This isn't exactly keeping a low profile.
The Chicago Area Got A Lot Of Rain Last Month!If it seemed like it was always raining last month, that's because it was!
Stop The Presses! Nothing Has Been Accomplished In Springfield! (Try Not To Act Surprised!)The latest legislative session in Springfield ended yesterday and we still don't have a state budget.
The City Of Chicago Is Looking For Someone To Loan Them $600 Million Bucks!Try to not get trampled by the bevy of investors looking to sign up for this one. (Yes, that's sarcasm!)
Not Picking Up After Your Dog Could Get Very Costly!The City of Chicago is ready to go after people that don't clean up after their dogs do their business.
Think Governor Rauner Is The Most Unpopular Governor In The Nation? He's Not!A recent poll asked people who they thought was the least popular Governor in the entire nation.

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