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Yesterday High Temp Was The Lowest In Over 100 Years!

It only got up to about 18 degrees yesterday!


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Just How Much Time Do You Spend On Your Phone Each Month?

Just how attached are we to our phones?


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Another Person Jumped The White House Fence Yesterday!

How does this keep happening?


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Chicago is Full Of Dirty Stinkin’ Rats & We’re Not Talking About Politicians!

Here’s one award that the Windy City probably isn’t proud of.


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Some Passengers Coming In To O’Hare Airport Will Be Screened For Ebola!

If you see customs agents taking someone’s temperature at O’Hare Airport, it’s probably because they are screening them for Ebola.


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Back To Future Is Becoming Reality! We Could Soon See Flying Cars!

While flying cars seems like something out of a sci-fi movie, it could soon be something that’s for real!


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The NFL Draft Is Coming To Chicago Next Year!

Next year’s NFL Draft will be here in Chicago!


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Just How Many Refunds Have Been Issued From Chicago’s Red Light Cameras?

Remember how the Chicago Tribune reported that were some unusual spikes in the number of tickets issued by some red light cameras?


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Will Hillary Clinton Run For President?

Hillary Clinton was in Iowa over the weekend and check out her answer when she was asked if she’d be running for POTUS.


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What Will This Coming Winter Be Like? Well, It Depends…

Will this winter be colder or warmer than last year?




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