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President Obama Wants You To Get Paid More Overtime!

The number of people that get paid overtime could grow by a whole bunch!

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Wait A Second! Today Is Going To Be Longer Than Yesterday?

If today feels longer than yesterday, well, that’s because it is!

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This June Has Been Really Rainy!

I think we can all agree that Mother Nature needs to knock it off!


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Cuz It’s June Video: ‘June In January’ By Dean Martin

Remember when it was cold and snowy and this past winter and we couldn’t wait for summer to hit?


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Anyone Want To Loan Chicago Public Schools A Billion Dollars?

Since a $600 million dollar pension payment to teachers is due on Tuesday, the board at the Chicago Public Schools has decided they needed to do this…


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There Was A Near Miss At Midway Yesterday!

Two planes came a little too close for comfort while taxing towards a runway yesterday at Midway Airport.


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Here’s Why Today’s Blackhawks Rally Is Happening At Soldier Field Instead Of Grant Park!

If you’re wondering why this year’s rally isn’t in Grant Park like it was the last time the Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup, blame Mother Nature.


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Haven’t Received Your Tax Refund Yet? Maybe This Is Why!

The IRS say criminals hacked their website and tried to grab the tax records of thousands of people.


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The CTA Wants You To Be Nice! (No, Really!)

The CTA wants you to mind you manners!


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Another Blackhawks Overtime Win Wasn’t Meant to Be Last Night!

It looked like The Chicago Blackhawks might pull out another OT win last night, but it didn’t end up happening.