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Will Hillary Clinton Run For President?

Hillary Clinton was in Iowa over the weekend and check out her answer when she was asked if she’d be running for POTUS.


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What Will This Coming Winter Be Like? Well, It Depends…

Will this winter be colder or warmer than last year?


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It’s Fighting Words Between Governor Quinn & His Opponent Bruce Rauner!

Governor Quinn had a pretty heated verbal exchange yesterday!


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President Obama’s Approval Rating is The Lowest It’s Ever Been!

President Obama doesn’t seem to be a very popular guy lately.


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An Asteroid Is Going To Come Really Close To Earth This Weekend!

This might have you looking into the skies this weekend.


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This Probably Wasn’t The Best Promotional Idea For Malaysian Airlines!

In the past year Malaysian Airlines has lost a flight over the Pacific and had another one shot down over the Ukraine.


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There Will Be A Nationwide Fast Food Strike Today!

Some fast food workers want $15 an hour and are planning to engage in some civil disobedience to get it!


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Chicago Cops Could Be Getting A Raise Soon!

There’s a proposal going through the Chicago City Council that would give police officers a raise.


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Cuz It’s A Monday Video: ‘Monday’s Rain’ By The Bee Gees

You probably know The Bee Gees for songs like “Stayin’ Alive” and “Night Fever” but it looks like they didn’t like Monday’s anymore than the rest of us!


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Who Is To Blame For Chicago’s Financial Problems: Daley Or Emanuel?

Just who is responsible for all of the city’s current financial woes?




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