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The NFL Has Upheld Tom Brady’s Four Game Suspension

Looks like New England Patriots QB Tom Brady WILL have to sit out four games next season.


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Would You Eat Bacon Flavored Seaweed?

Do you think this will be the next big food craze?


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Computer Glitches Caused All Kinds Of Problems Yesterday!

It was computer problems that caused all of United Airlines flights to be grounded for several hours yesterday morning.


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Winning The Powerball Just Got A Little Harder!

Your chances of winning the Powerball Lottery were already pretty small and now they’re about to get even smaller!


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There Was West Nile Found In Skeeters In Skokie!

Someone call in the SWAT team to start swatting at the mosquitoes in Skokie.


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President Obama Wants You To Get Paid More Overtime!

The number of people that get paid overtime could grow by a whole bunch!


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Wait A Second! Today Is Going To Be Longer Than Yesterday?

If today feels longer than yesterday, well, that’s because it is!


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This June Has Been Really Rainy!

I think we can all agree that Mother Nature needs to knock it off!


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Cuz It’s June Video: ‘June In January’ By Dean Martin

Remember when it was cold and snowy and this past winter and we couldn’t wait for summer to hit?


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Anyone Want To Loan Chicago Public Schools A Billion Dollars?

Since a $600 million dollar pension payment to teachers is due on Tuesday, the board at the Chicago Public Schools has decided they needed to do this…