If Security Lines At O'Hare Are A Bit Longer Today, This May Be Why!Some O'Hare Airport security workers are planning a one day strike today.
A Milder Winter Could Be On Our Way Thanks To El NinoThe waters of the Pacific Ocean are warmer than they've been in a long, long time.
Blago Wants To Take His Case All The Way To The U.S. Supreme Court!Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich hasn't given up attempts to get his prison sentence on bribery charges overturned.
What Advice Does Former Illinois Governor Jim Edgar Have For Bruce Rauner?It's been almost four months since Illinois has had a state budget.
Cubs President Theo Epstein Says The Future Looks Bright On The North SideThe Chicago Cubs may have not made it to the World Series, but Cubs President Theo Epstein says the future is bright.
What? Some City Councilmen & Women Want Even Higher Taxes?Mayor Emanuel took his Chicago city budget to the budget committee yesterday.
The Federal Government Wants You To Register Your DronesGuess there's been one too many close call between drones and airplanes.
Pour Yourself A Glass Of Whole Milk! It's OK To Drink It Again!For the longest time everyone said that whole milk was bad for you.
No Pumpkin Pie This Thanksgiving? There Could Be A Pumpkin Shortage This Year!There's probably will be enough pumpkins for Halloween, but Thanksgiving could be another story!
The Soldier Field Turf Gets A Thumbs Down!Maybe this is what has caused some of those losses.
Has NASA Found Little Green Men On Mars?NASA has scheduled a press conference today and the word is that they have a major announcement to make.
Details Are Emerging On What The Lucas Museum Will Look Like If It's Ever BuiltMayor Emanuel wants the George Lucas Museum to be built here, but there's still a bunch of hurdles that need to be jumped before that happens.
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