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WATCH: Trailer For ‘Minions,’ The ‘Despicable Me’ Spinoff

We had no idea they were making a Despicable Me spinoff, but apparently they are. It’s called ‘Minions’ — watch the trailer here.


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Just How Many Refunds Have Been Issued From Chicago’s Red Light Cameras?

Remember how the Chicago Tribune reported that were some unusual spikes in the number of tickets issued by some red light cameras?


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Who’s Ahead In The Latest Polls For Illinois Governor?

It seems like there’s a different poll, with a different result every week.


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President Obama Could Mess Up Chicago Traffic Day!

President Obama will be in town later today and that means there is always a potential for some major traffic problems because of it.


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What’s The Latest Mud Slinging Going On Between Bruce Rauner & Governor Quinn?

It seems like every day Governor Quinn and his Republican opponent Bruce Rauner find something new to rip into each other about!


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‘Turntable Tuesday’ Video: ‘Dancing With Myself’ By Billy Idol

Did did you know that “Dancing With Myself” was actually released twice?


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Did You Get As Much As Jesse Jackson Jr. When You Refinanced Your Home?

Jesse Jackson Junior is still in prison and will likely still be there for awhile.


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How Can Chicago Crime Be Up AND Down?

Here’s one of those stats that leaves you scratching your head.


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Jimmy Page ‘Fed Up’ With Robert Plant’s Games, Wants To Tour Again With Led Zeppelin

Jimmy Page makes it absolutely clear that he’d love to tour again, but there’s just one holdup…


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This CTA Bus Driver Almost Got The Ax This Weekend!

Thankfully no one was hurt, but did you hear what happened on a CTA bus this past weekend!




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