Why Are Some American Swimmers Being Detained In Rio?Remember a couple of days ago when Ryan Lochte and a couple of other US Olympic swimmers claimed they were robbed in Rio?
Don't Try & Rob The Employees At This Bucktown Grocery Store!You might want to go in to the Fresh Marketplace in Bucktown and high five their employees.
Richton Park Police Need Your Help Finding Whoever Robbed A T-Mobile StoreNot that you ever should, but if you're going to rob someplace, try to not wear something highly identifiable.
If You Live In Bucktown, Someone May Be Stealing Packages From Your Lobby!Someone is stealing the packages that have been left in the vestibules of buildings in Bucktown and Lakeview.
A Mustached Women Robbed A Bank In the West Austin Neighborhood Yesterday!Someone robbing a bank isn't something you see every day, so a women wearing a fake mustache while robbing a bank is probably even less likely.
Should We Take A Stand Against Sitting? It Could Save Our Lives!Researchers say that people that sit all day are more likely to suffer from heart disease, diabetes or an early death.
Robbers On The West Side Steal All The Viagra From A Medical Clinic!Does this count as a crime of passion?
Do CTA Buses & Trains Seem More Crime Free To You?The CTA says that theft and robbery on their buses and trains was down over the first six months of the year.
Check Out What The State Of Illinois Says You CAN'T Ask On A Job Application Anymore!Employers can't ask you this anymore if you're filling out a job application!
Earth Has Just Dodged Another Asteroid, Well At Least This Time We Did!Did you know that the planet Earth just missed getting hit by another asteroid?
How Can Chicago Crime Be Up AND Down?Here's one of those stats that leaves you scratching your head.
Bought Something On Craig's List? The East Chicago PD Wants To Help You Get It!Ever bought something on Craig's List, but you're afraid the seller might be a little shady?

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