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Could This Pave The Way For A Chicago Casino?

Governor Rauner says he’s not a big fan of casinos, but also says he wouldn’t stand in the way of one being built here in Chicago.


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Who Is The Latest Person To Throw Their Name In For The GOP Presidential Nomination?

Republican Ben Anderson says he wants to be President and has tossed his hat into the ring for the nomination.


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Today is Star Wars Day! But Why Did They Pick Today?

It’s May The Fourth, which if your’re a Star Wars fan, holds a special place in your heart.


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This Is NOT The Way To Deal With Computer Problems!

Ever have a problem with your computer and you just want to drag it out back and take a shotgun to it?


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What Distracts You While Driving?

You won’t believe what people are doing when they’re behind the wheel!


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Check Out What A Woman At Midway Airport Thought She Could Leave In Her Carry On!

There’s certain things that the TSA frowns upon you leaving in your carry-on.



Here’s Why We Won’t Be Seeing NBC Nightly News Anchor Brian Williams For Awhile!

Here’s why Brian Williams has cancelled a David Letterman appearance for later this week.


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A Proposal Could Lead To The End Of ‘Dibs’ When It Comes To Chicago Parking!

Dibs, as Chicagoans like to call it, could be no more.


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Governor Rauner’s Motorcade Was Involved In An Accident Downtown Yesterday!

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner’s motorcade was involved in an accident yesterday afternoon at Michigan and Randolph Downtown.


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Should We Take A Stand Against Sitting? It Could Save Our Lives!

Researchers say that people that sit all day are more likely to suffer from heart disease, diabetes or an early death.