If You're Thinking About Going To Next Weekend's Cubs/Cards Game In St. Louis, Consider This!So next weekend is my wife's birthday and she wants to go down to St. Louis to see our daughter and my mother-in-law.
Someone's Shooting Out The Windows Of Luxury Cars In Streamwood!I'm a car guy, so this drives me nuts!
A HUGE Meteor Is Headed Toward Earth (But It'll Be Awhile Before It Gets Here!)Scientists are pretty sure that a huge meteor could impact the Earth in the future.
Chicago's O'Hare Airport Is About To Expand!The project will create more gates, over 1,000 jobs!
President Donald Trump Could Be A Real Possibility!One political forecasting model says that Donald Trump will win the US Presidency in November.
Chicago Cops Nabbed A Murder Suspect At His Press Conference!This isn't exactly keeping a low profile.
Does Hillary Clinton Already Have The Democratic Nomination Tied Up?The big California primary is today and the actual convention isn't until the end of July, but CBS News says Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic Presidential nominee.
Yesterday's Fundraiser For Wounded Park Forest Cop Tim Jones Was A Success!Since my brother is a police officer, I love seeing all the support for a fallen officer.
At What Age Is A Person Considered Old?At what age would you consider someone to be old?
Just What Does Natural Mean? Seems Like Nobody Really Knows!Nearly 60% of people say that they buy stuff that's labeled natural, but they really don't know what that means.
While You Were In Bed, Thousands Slept At O'Hare Last NightYesterday's snow, sleet and rain really messed up travel at O'Hare Airport.
It's Stinks To Be Single In Chicago!If you're single and living in Chicago, you may want to move.

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