Would Your College Professor Let You Out Of A Mid-Term To Go To The Cubs Wild Card Game?Talk about a cool teacher.
A Computer Chip Implanted In Your Brain? What Could Possibly Go Wrong?A Google executive wants to implant computer chips in people's brains.
Former Chicago City Council Woman Sandi Jackson Is Headed To PrisonWhat do Sandi Jackson and Martha Stewart have in common?
People's Lack Of Knowledge Of The First Amendment Will Leave You SpeechlessThe Bill of Rights allows us certain rights, but not a lot of people know what they are.
Would You Ride Around In A Driverless Car?I don't know about you, but I don't think I'd be comfortable riding around in one of these!
Chicago Bear Tim Jennings Busted & Charged With DUI!Chicago Bears' corner back Tim Jennings is in a little bit of trouble in Georgia.
If You're Headed To The Post Office Today, You Won't be Alone!If the Post Office seems a little extra packed today, here's why!
Chicago's Thinking About Letting You Remove Your Own Boot....LEGALLY!The City of Chicago is looking into a plan that would let you remove any Denver boots that might be put on your car by yourself.
Why Were Some Chicagoans Ticketed For Parking Legally?A whole bunch of people who used a smartphone app to pay for their parking say they've received tickets.
Could We Soon See A $13 Minimum Wage In Chicago?How much will Chicago's minimum wage end up being?
Check Out What You Won't Find In Lake Michigan (Or Any Of The Great Lakes) Anymore!This has to be a sign that summer is finally here!
How Can Chicago Crime Be Up AND Down?Here's one of those stats that leaves you scratching your head.
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