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Why Were Some Chicagoans Ticketed For Parking Legally?

A whole bunch of people who used a smartphone app to pay for their parking say they’ve received tickets.


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Could We Soon See A $13 Minimum Wage In Chicago?

How much will Chicago’s minimum wage end up being?


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Check Out What You Won’t Find In Lake Michigan (Or Any Of The Great Lakes) Anymore!

This has to be a sign that summer is finally here!


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How Can Chicago Crime Be Up AND Down?

Here’s one of those stats that leaves you scratching your head.


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Has Johnny Depp’s Box Office Charm Lost It’s Luster?

Did you see any movies over the weekend?



Just How Dirty Is That Money In Your Pocket?

Maybe your money needs to be laundered! Scientists say they’ve done tests on paper money to see what kind of bacteria they could find!


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It Doesn’t Look Like Anyone Has Bought Michael Jordan’s Home Yet!

Michael Jordan’s home, Chicag’s crime stats and the latest weather forecast… Listen to the K-HITS newscast!


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Will State Police & The National Guard Soon Be Policing Chicago’s Streets?

Governor Quinn says he’s open to allowing National Guard troops and state police officers patrol Chicago’s streets!


K-Hits News: Lot Of Rain Were Getting, Huh?

If it seems like we’ve been getting a lot of rain, snow and precipitation, you’re right!  Check out this newscast from the Dave Fogel Morning Show to find out why that’s a real good thing! […]


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Celebrities React to ‘Dark Knight’ Shootings in Colorado

“The Dark Knight Rises” will forever be marred by last night’s shooting at the Century 16 theaters in Aurora, Colorado, in which 13 died and nearly 40 were wounded. Musicians, celebrities, politicians and athletes have taken to Twitter to react and spread the heartbreaking news.



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