VIDEO: Stephen Colbert Sells Hot Dogs At Wrigley FieldI guess Stephen Colbert isn't making as much hosting The Late Show as we all thought. He's taken a second job!
Bruce Springsteen To Talk Autobiography, Solo Album On 'The Late Show'The Boss gets an extra-long interview with Stephen Colbert.
Stephen Colbert Performs Zany DNC Convention SongStephen Colbert wrote and performed a hippie dippie ode to the Democratic National Convention.
VIDEO: Stephen Colbert's Most Epic Story – How He Met His Wife (Love Is Real!)"She was there when I turned around, smiling at me... And now we're married."
VIDEO: Stephen Colbert Hilariously Mocks Ticketmaster, Guns N' RosesAxl, Slash and Duff are gonna need bandages for this wicked burn...
VIDEO: Is Donald Trump's Running Mate Going To Be... Judge Judy?Stephen Colbert's on the case with the honorable Judy herself...
VIDEO: Colbert Wastes Money On A Bunch Of Unused PropsCorn-man suit, giant action figure packages, adult tricycle...
VIDEO: Minooka Community News With Stephen Colbert & Nick OffermanIt's not very often you see and hear Minooka mentioned on television. Last night, Minooka was in the national spotlight!
Stephen Colbert Is A Lonely, Pathetic Fool Whose Only Friend Is A PuppetSpike Jonze created a new opening for The Late Show. Watch it here.
Watch Don Henley Take Colbert's 'Late Show' with a Message for Donald Trump, "Too Much Pride"“You don’t have to be right, Donald, all the time," Henley sang.
So Mayor Emanuel's Proposed Half A Billion Dollar Property Tax Increase Isn't Enough?Mayor Emanuel has been proposing a half a billion dollar property tax increase to help solve the city's budget problems.
Is The Riot About To Be Taken Out Of Riot Fest?The Riot Fest concert, which features everyone from Snoop Dogg to Merle Haggard is scheduled to happen this weekend.

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