Navy Pier's Security Workers Are On Strike!If you were in or around Navy Pier yesterday, you may have notice a giant inflatable rat nearby.
Are Hamburgers To Blame For Global Warming?Here's something to think about before your fire up that grill and toss some burgers on!
Here's Why Guacamole Will Start Costing You A Bunch More Soon!I love guacamole, so this is terrible news for me!
Chicago Public School Teachers WILL NOT Be Going On Strike Today!Don't these things always come down to the wire?
Mayor Emanuel On A Potential Teacher's Strike: 'A Strike Is Of Choice & Not Necessity'We're down to 11 days before Chicago teachers say they'll hit the picket lines.
Theo Epstein & Robin Ventura Won't Be Going Anywhere Anytime Soon!If you follow Chicago baseball, one of these moves doesn't seem like a surprise, the other kind of does.
Chicago Public School Teachers Have Set A Strike Date!Will the second teacher's strike under Mayor Emanuel happen in less than two weeks?
Missed Last Night's Presidential Debate? We Have The Highlights (Lowlights?)It was no surprise that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were on the attack against each other in last night's first Presidential debate.
Talking To Yourself May Be A Sign That You're A Genius!Do you have a co-worker that talks to themselves?
The Chicago Teacher's Union Strike Probably Won't Happen Before The End Of The School YearThe Chicago Teacher's Union has been threatening  a strike that could happen at any moment, but it looks like they've backed off on saying just when the date will be.
Has Mayor Emanuel Found A New Home For The Lucas Museum?Building the George Lucas Museum along Chicago's Lakefront has always been the plan and Mayor Emanuel think's he has a solution if the current location is shot down.
Have Astronomers Discovered A Real Life Death Star In Space?This is sort of like the Star Wars films come to life.

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