The Chicago Police Department Has A Bunch Of New Squad Cars Hitting The Streets!A new Chicago Police SUV doesn't come cheap!
An Off Duty Indiana State Trooper Helped Save A Dyer Man's Life!If this isn't the definition of a hero, I don't know what is!
Wild Turkey Smashes Through Windshield Of SUV In Northwest IndianaThe 30-pound wild turkey impaled itself through the windshield of a family's SUV...
Nissan's 'Star Wars'-Themed SUV May Be The Coolest Car EverThe Nissan Rogue One SUV comes with a nifty Imperial Stormtrooper helmet. And four wheels. Obviously.
A Sinkhole Swallowed The Front Tires Of An SUV In Evanston YesterdaySo you're driving your SUV down Monroe Street in Evanston when BAM! your front tires are in a sinkhole!
This Man Got A Ticket For Not Moving His SUV, Even Though His Wheels Had Been Stolen!This guy couldn't catch a break!
Bought Something On Craig's List? The East Chicago PD Wants To Help You Get It!Ever bought something on Craig's List, but you're afraid the seller might be a little shady?
These Theives Have Got It In The Bag!If you see someone with a whole bunch of purses from Bloomingdales, you might want to call cops and tell 'em.
Help Dave Fogel Find A Lost Dog! (Now With A Happy Ending) Niles cops are looking for whoever stole a 7 month old Pomeranian dog named Luigi.

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