The Field Museum Is Getting Tattooed This October!The Field Museum will celebrate all things ink this October.
PHOTO: This Cubs Fan's Tattoo Is Ready For A World Series Win!For this fans sake, hopefully the Cubs win the World Series sometimes this century.
PHOTOS: Check Out These Tattoos That Were Total Epic Fails!Sometimes a tattoo sounds like a better idea before you do it than after.
VIDEO: Charlie Sheen Drunk At Taco BellYou can't beat that "fourthmeal." Especially after your fourth fifth of scotch! That's probably why Charlie Sheen was wandering aimlessly up and down the drive-thru lane at Taco Bell.
How Can Chicago Crime Be Up AND Down?Here's one of those stats that leaves you scratching your head.
This Is Proof There Are Still Good People Left In This World!A New Jersey bartender will be able to pay for her dog's surgery because of some very nice customers!
Website Shows Off Chicago-Themed TattoosChicago Flag Tattoos, a local website that celebrates Chicagoans brave enough to get Chicago literally inked onto their skin, knows how to celebrate the "City of the Big Shoulders." Trends: A Newly Inked Van Halen
Van Halen Release Track List For "A Different Kind Of Truth"
Van Halen Is Back: Play Warm Up Gig In NYC, Perform "New" Song, Release Tour Dates, Release Album Information, Single Information, And More!
Van Halen Single Due Next Week, Tour Starts In Kentucky
You'd Better Know Boxers, Beatles & Bradley Cooper To Win "Are You Smarter Than A Cab Driver!"

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