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A Palatine Teen Is Headed To The White House To Make Lunch!

A 12 year old Palatine girl named Tess is headed to the White House!


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VIDEO: Joyriding Teen Tears Through Park Full Of Kids, Stopped By Parent

One parent knew he had to do something when he saw a 14-year-old zip through the middle of a Utah park in a stolen car and narrowly miss a bunch of kids playing.


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CBS “Late Late Show” Host Craig Ferguson Is Calling It Quits!

Yesterday,”Late Late Show” host Craig Ferguson announced he wasn’t going to do the show anymore.


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VIDEO: Watch This Young Girl Age From Infant To Teen In Just 4 Minutes!

As a parent, it seems like your kids grow up in just a matter of minutes.

For this parent, that’s actually true!


San Jose Sharks v Chicago Blackhawks - Game Four

VIDEO: Watch This Teen’s Hockey Dream Come True!

I hate the San Jose Sharks when they face off against the Chicago Blackhawks on the ice, but it’s almost impossible to hate them when they do something like this!


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Can An 18 Year Old Sue Her Parents For Not Supporting Her?

Guess this New Jersey kid doesn’t think turning 18 makes her an adult. She’s suing her parents after they kicked her out of their house and stopped supporting her!


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If You Love Star Wars, This Is Great News!

Disney’s announced when they’ll be releasing their new Star Wars film. Take a listen to this K-Hits Newscast to find out just when you’ll be able to see all your favorite droids, Jedis and maybe even Jar-Jar Binks!


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What Will Happens If It Storms During Next Weekend’s Lollapalooza?

Last year Lollapalooza had to be evacuated when major storms came through in the middle of the concert.  It was a mess because no one knew where to go once they cleared out.  The city of Chicago has a plan so that doesn’t happen again.  Check it out (and its pretty simple) right here!


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Would You Fly Into An Airport In Peotone?

Governor Quinn’s signed a bill to officially build an airport in Peotone, but don’t expect any movement anytime soon. 


Photo by Helen H. Richardson/The Denver Post via Getty Images

What Are Those Black Helicopters Doing Over Chicago?

If you’ve noticed some black helicopters flying over the city and you’ve been understandably freaked out, don’t worry!  It’s not an invasion!  Take a listen to what’s really going on right here!




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