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If You Could Move Out Of The US & Never Come Back, Would You?

When asked if they had the option of leaving the US and never coming back, check out how many Americans said they would!


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Jesse Jackson Junior Is Finally Home, Well, Sort Of!

Jesse Jackson is back at his home in Washington DC, but he really can’t go anywhere.


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Here’s How A Chicago To London Flight Ended Up At A Canadian Air Force Base

We’ve all had to deal with flight delays and extended layovers, but this one is kind of nuts!


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Is Donald Trump Running For President?

We do these guys always wait to announce these things?


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This Will Make You Feel Real Safe The Next Time You Travel!

So the Feds decided to do an internal investigation and see what they could get past TSA screeners.


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Do We Have A State Budget Yet? Well, What Do You Think?

Lawmakers downstate say they’ll continue working throughout the summer to get a state budget done.


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The CTA Wants You To Be Nice! (No, Really!)

The CTA wants you to mind you manners!


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Chicago Has Some Of The Best & Some Of The Worst Airports In The US!

Just how well does Chicago do when it comes to on time arrivals?


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Do Some Of Chicago’s Sidewalk Cafes Take Up Too Much Space?

Ever struggle to get down a sidewalk because some restaurant has set out there outdoor cafe over 90% of the sidewalk?


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Anyone Else Think Of Loretta Lynn Whenever US Attorney General Nominee Loretta Lynch Is Mentioned?

Looks like today could finally be the day that US Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch gets confirmed for the job.