Old People Are Outnumbering Young People All Over The World!"Get Off My Lawn!"
K-Hits Cares! Never Leave Your Dog In A Parked Car!With the summer temperatures rising, this is something to think about if you're a pet owner.
Fall Might Feel More Like Summer, Due To Above-Average TemperaturesDo you have a problem wearing flip flops and shorts on Halloween?
The VCR Is About To Become Extinct!The last company that makes VCR's say that they'll cease making them this month.
Hillary Clinton Is Attacking Donald Trump For Being Nice To Her?If this election cycle wasn't weird enough...
It's Going To Get Really Hot Around Here By Thursday & Friday!We've had some hot days this summer, but not any scorchers.
The Chicago Area Got A Lot Of Rain Last Month!If it seemed like it was always raining last month, that's because it was!
Naperville Is The Wealthiest City In The Midwest!If this story is true, if you live in Naperville, you've probably got some serious money in the bank.
Is The George Lucas Museum Headed Out West?Before George Lucas decided that he wanted his museum in Chicago, he floated the idea of building it in San Francisco.
Yesterday's Cold Temperatures Were Record Breaking!If you were outside early Sunday morning, it probably felt more like December than it did May.
K-Hits Cares! Grilling Safety TipsBefore the barbecue begins, follow these simple tips to ensure your grilling experience is a safe one.
Chicago Is The Second City When it Comes To MosquitoesThis is one time when it's good to not be #1.

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