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Yesterday High Temp Was The Lowest In Over 100 Years!

It only got up to about 18 degrees yesterday!


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Want To Be Happier? Walk This Way!

The secret to happiness just might be in the way you walk!


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Coming Down For The Magnificent Mile Lights Festival? Check This Out!

If you see Mickey and Minnie strolling down Michigan Avenue this weekend, here’s why!


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What? The World Could Soon Run Out Of Chocolate?

There could be a serious chocolate shortage on this planet soon!


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Are Some Rooftop Owners Near Wrigley Field Being Foreclosed On?

It looks likes some of the owners of the rooftop clubs near Wrigley Field are being foreclosed on!


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Is Metra More Ready For This Winter Than They Were Last Year?

Last year’s weather fouled up a lot of train service for Metra.


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What Does Mayor Emanuel Want From Governor Elect Bruce Rauner? Find Out Here!

Bruce Rauner isn’t even Illinois Governor yet, but Mayor Emanuel is already hitting him up for stuff.


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The City Of Chicago Wants Your Dog To Get A License!

Do you have a licence to own that dog?


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Here’s The Laundry List Of Things Chicago Plans On Increasing The Taxes On!

Here’s what’s going to cost you a liitle more to do in the City of Chicago soon.


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What’s The Latest Weather Buzzword That You’ll Soon Be Sick Of Hearing?

Move over Artic Vortex, there’s a new meterological buzzword out there now!




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