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We Have No State Budget, But Illinois Lawmakers Will Get A Raise!

Even though there’s no Illinois state budget, that’s not stopping Illinois lawmakers from giving themselves raises.


K-HITS Cares

K-Hits Cares! Keep Cool During The Warm Summer Months!

The dog days of summer are here and with them come the health risks caused by hot weather.


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Computer Glitches Caused All Kinds Of Problems Yesterday!

It was computer problems that caused all of United Airlines flights to be grounded for several hours yesterday morning.


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Navy Pier Is Getting A New Ferris Wheel!

The Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier is pretty big, but it’s about to get even bigger!


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If You Could Move Out Of The US & Never Come Back, Would You?

When asked if they had the option of leaving the US and never coming back, check out how many Americans said they would!


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Jesse Jackson Junior Is Finally Home, Well, Sort Of!

Jesse Jackson is back at his home in Washington DC, but he really can’t go anywhere.


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Here’s How A Chicago To London Flight Ended Up At A Canadian Air Force Base

We’ve all had to deal with flight delays and extended layovers, but this one is kind of nuts!


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Is Donald Trump Running For President?

We do these guys always wait to announce these things?


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This Will Make You Feel Real Safe The Next Time You Travel!

So the Feds decided to do an internal investigation and see what they could get past TSA screeners.


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Do We Have A State Budget Yet? Well, What Do You Think?

Lawmakers downstate say they’ll continue working throughout the summer to get a state budget done.