Amy Schumer Bought An Employee A Mattress At A North Side Mattress Store!If Amy Schumer ever wants to use your bathroom, let her!
VIDEO: A Pothole-Filled "Thanks" To Rahm EmanuelChicago's potholes are NO laughing matter. That is UNTIL the Second City Network gets involved. Have you seen their latest "commercial?" It appears to be Pep Boys spot. But, I assure you, Pep Boys has NOTHING to do with this one! Or, DO they?!?
Let's Send All The Kardashians To Mars! Who's With Me?A private company wants to send people to Mars to colonize that planet (hey, it's probably warmer there than here!). They plan on financing the project by doing a reality TV show detailing the experience. Since it'll be reality TV, why don't we round up ever Kardashian we can and send them there. The plan is for these people to move to Mars and never come back, so sending Kim, Khloe and Kourtney there makes complete sense!

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