Beatles Wednesday Video: 'There's A Place'Everybody knows the song "Twist and Shout", but do you know what the B-side of that single was?
Throwback Thursday Video: 'ABC' By The Jackson 5Imagine tuning in to "American Bandstand" on a Saturday morning in February of 1970 and hearing this song for the first time.
Beatles Wednesday Video: 'Anna (Go To Him)'If this is one of your favorite Beatles songs, then you've got something in common with John Lennon.
Paul McCartney Launches One-on-One Tour with Rare Live Beatles TunesThe 38-song set featured two songs McCartney hadn't played in live in 50 years.
Beatles Wednesday Video: 'Not A Second Time'What would a Smokey Robinson song sung by The Beatles sound like?
Beatles Wednesday Video: 'Jealous Guy' By John LennonA lot of John Lennon's songs have been covered by different artists, but one that's probably been covered the most is "Jealous Guy" from his 1971 "Imagine" album.
Beatles Wednesday Video: 'Old Brown Shoe' By The BeatlesIf you have "The Ballad of John and Yoko" single in your record collection, when you flip it over, you'll find this song "Old Brown Shoe."
Turntable Tuesday Video: 'Happy Together' By The Turtles"Happy Together" wasn't only the name of this song by The Turtles, it was the name of the album it was on as well!
George Martin Produced More than The Beatles, Here's 13 ExamplesFrom the hard rock of Aerosmith to the soft rock of America, Sir George has produced a number of classics, outside of his work with the Fab Four.
Beatles Producer George Martin Dies at 90"God bless George Martin," Ringo Starr tweeted. "George will be missed."
Beatles Wednesday Video: 'All Those Years Ago' By George HarrisonIt's Beatles Wednesday, which means you'll hear a song from The Beatles, either together or solo, at the bottom of each hour all day long!
TV Theme Friday: 'The Theme From The Batman TV Series'When it comes to TV themes, they don't get much more iconic than the theme from the 1960's "Batman" TV series.

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