The Beatles

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Beatles Wednesday Video: ‘Oh Darling’ By The Beatles

Today is Beatles Wednesday, which means you’ll hear a Beatles song at the bottom of every hour!


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Beatles Wednesday Video: ‘Fool On The Hill’

It’s Beatles Wednesday, which means you’ll hear a song from The Beatles, either as a group or solo at the bottom of every hour.


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Beatles Wednesday Video: ‘Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da’

“Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da” is from the Beatles White Album back in 1968.


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Chicago Is Getting It’s Own Piece Of Art Created By Yoko Ono!

John Lennon’s wife Yoko Ono has decided that Chicago’s Jackson Park would be a great spot for her art.


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Beatles Wednesday Video: ‘Too Late For Goodbyes’ By Julian Lennon

For today’s Beatles Wednesday selection, we figured we’d pick someone who was the inspiration for a bunch of Beatles songs as well as a pretty impressive artist on his own.


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Here’s a Guy Playing the Beatles on Guitar During Brain Surgery

He performed the Beatles’ “Yesterday” for the doctors while being operated on.


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VIDEO: Man Plays Beatles’ ‘Yesterday’ On Guitar While Brain Surgeons Operate On Him

Anthony Kulkamp Dias, a 33-year-old from Brazil, recently had an operation to remove a life-threatening brain tumor. The weird part? He played songs to the surgeons as they operated on him, including the McCartney classic, “Yesterday.”


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Beatles Wednesday Video: ‘Jet’ By Paul McCartney & Wings

“Band On The Run” is one of my favorite albums from Paul McCartney and Wings and you’ll find this song on that album.