Cuz It's Fall: 'Autumn Almanac' By The KinksYou'd expect a song that talks about Autumn to be sort of a bummer, but this one is definitely is not!
Who Did It Better? The Kinks VS. Van Halen 'You Really Got Me'In 1964, The Kinks had a Top ten hit with the song "You Really Got Me."
Dave Davies Has Had UFO Experiences, Discusses Kinks ReunionI saw lights and zigzags in the skies. Then when I started to dig deeper into my experience, I understood I was also getting communications, psychic impressions, from aliens."
The Kinks' Ray Davies Knighted by Prince CharlesHe was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1990 with The Kinks, the band he started with brother David.
Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Bacon Spoof the KinksThe Kinks' "Lola" is a very simple song to sing if you know how to spell. If you don't, it's a very difficult song to sing.
Throwback Thursday Video: 'You Really Got Me' By Van HalenDid you know that Van Halen's first big hit was actually a cover song?
Three Little-Known Facts About The Kinks’ 'You Really Got Me'The Kinks' "You Really Got Me" has had a huge impact on music and is considered the originator for the heavy metal/punk rock genre due to its use of power chords on that heavy guitar riff.
The Little-Known, Bittersweet Meaning Behind The Kinks' Song 'Strangers'It's not about lovers.
Turntable Tuesday Video: 'Come Dancing' By The Kinks"Come Dancing" by The Kinks was from their 1983 album "State of Confusion."
More Kinks Drama: Dave Davies' Letter to Rolling Stone Over 'You Really Got Me'Was it knitting needles or a razor blade that was responsible for the amazing tone in "You Really Got Me"?
'My Brother is Lying': Dave Davies on Ray Davies' 'You Really Got Me' Claim"I am just flabbergasted and shocked at the depth of his selfish desire to take credit for everything."
Ray Davies Says Kinks Probably Won't Reunite Due to Dave Davies-Mick Avory RivalryShocker: Not all of the band members get along.

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