Glass Was Falling From A Randolph Street Skyscraper Yesterday!It got a little crazy yesterday near our studios here near The Loop.
Seeing A Cubs Game Next Season Is About To Get A Little More Expensive!"Hey Chicago...what do say? The Cubs are gonna make you pay more for tickets today..."
Does Hillary Clinton Already Have The Democratic Nomination Tied Up?The big California primary is today and the actual convention isn't until the end of July, but CBS News says Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic Presidential nominee.
Gas Prices Have Dropped & It Looks Like They Could Keep On DroppingExperts say that a perfect storm of market conditions could lead to even lower gas prices than they are now.
The Old Sears Store On State Street Is Getting A New Tenant!The Sears store on State Street closed awhile back, but that building won't be empty much longer.
Have You Seen The Sculptures Outside Of The Sears Tower?Are you going to work in The Loop today?
Haircuts Were Just Three Cents At A Loop Barber Shop Yesterday!The Truefitt and Hill Barber Shop at 111 West Monroe was charging just two pence to get a haircut and shave yesterday.
Getting Around The Loop Might Be A Little More Difficult Today!Simply getting across the State Street Bridge is going to be a little bit more difficult today.
Want To Own A Piece Of Chicago History? Here's How!
K-Hits News: Do Some Of President Obama's Plans Have A Rough Road Ahead?
Cheezeborger! Cheezeborger! No Fries, Chips!The people that own the Billy Goat Tavern are planning on opening a new location. Crains Chicago Business says it'll be at 60 West Lake in the Loop not far from the K-Hits Studio. (Guess you know where you'll find Dave Fogel for lunch most days!) Theres 8 versions of The Billy Goat Tavern throughout Chicago.

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