VIDEO: Guy Goes Berserk And Breaks Plinko RecordMay 25th, 2017 will go down in history as a milestone on The Price Is Right.
'The Price Is Right' Will Feature A Contestant From Park Forest This Morning!If you watch "The Price Is Right" on Channel 2 this morning, you might notice a little local flavor to it.
TV Theme Friday: 'The Price Is Right'When it comes to longevity, "The Price Is Right" has to be somewhere near the top.
VIDEO: A 3-Way $1 Big Wheel Tie On TPIR?!?That doesn't even sound possible, does it? Think about the excitement level when just one person wins $1000.
VIDEO: This Guy's 'Price Is Right' Guess Is Way Out Of The Ballpark!Some people fail so bad on game shows that in a weird way, they actually win.
How Much Does Her Shampoo Cost? Guys Take a Stab at Pricing Women's ProductsGuys sit down and give their best guess about women's items. The results are expected, but hilarious.
You'll Figure Out Eddie & Jobo's 8:30 History Mystery If The Price Is Right!
I Pity The Fool Who Doesn't Know Eddie & Jobo's 8:30 History Mystery!
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