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Can We Blame The White Sox Loss Yesterday On Someone Dropping Acid Outside US Cellular Field?

A tanker truck full of acid sprung a leak outside US Cellular Field yesterday!


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Do CTA Buses & Trains Seem More Crime Free To You?

The CTA says that theft and robbery on their buses and trains was down over the first six months of the year.


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Chicago Isn’t The Second City When It Comes To Shoplifting!

The National Retail Federation has released it’s statistics of cities with the most shoplifting and, thankfully, Chicago came in third in the nation. Take a listen to which cities stole the title away from us!


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How Can Chicago Crime Be Up AND Down?

Here’s one of those stats that leaves you scratching your head.


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Should Congressmen Be Forced To Fly Coach?

Considering the fact that they’re using our tax dollars to fly first class, do you think it’s more appropriate that Congressmen and women should be forced to fly coach?


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Did College Prepare You For The Job You Have Now?

Did the four years you spent at college really get you ready for your career or was it a waste of time?


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Don’t Some Hot Dogs & Beer At Wrigley Field Cost This Much?

A cashier at Wrigley Field’s been accused of helping himself to some of the cash in the cash register he was running!



It Took Six Years & Almost 750 Thousand Bucks Before A Chicago Bank Discovered This!

A city worker in the Department of Transportation has been accused of stealing nearly 750 Grand from Chicago. Take a listen to just how she allegedly did it and how long it was before someone noticed!


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Have You Ever Had To Call 9-1-1 On Your House Cat?

Maybe they were afraid of cat scratch fever or something. An Oregon couple, their baby and even their dog say they were trapped in a bedroom because their cat wouldn’t let them leave! Don’t believe us? We even have audio of the 911 call to prove it!


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The Pothole Strike Force Is Coming To A Street Near You!

Mayor Emanuel says he’s formed an elite group that has one mission… to fill potholes! He says this winter has left the city’s streets pretty battered and bruised and this needs to be done! Just where will they start and how often will they be working…




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