If You Live In Bucktown, Someone May Be Stealing Packages From Your Lobby!Someone is stealing the packages that have been left in the vestibules of buildings in Bucktown and Lakeview.
Some Chicago City Officials Want Non-Residents To Pay A Commuter TaxIf you don't live in Chicago, but you work here, you might have to cough up $200 a year to the city one day.
Are The Illinois State Police Using Drones To Watch You?Illinois State Police say they'll start using drones for surveillance.
Who Is Endorsing Who In Tomorrow's Chicago Mayoral Election?Thankfully we won't be seeing any more campaign ads for the Chicago mayor's race after tomorrow.
It's Election Day in Chicago, So Vote And Vote Often!Mayor Emanuel is hoping to get over 50% of the vote in today's mayoral election.
Check Out What A Woman At Midway Airport Thought She Could Leave In Her Carry On!There's certain things that the TSA frowns upon you leaving in your carry-on.
Did You Miss The State Of The State Address Or The Most Recent Mayoral Debate? No Problem!What does new Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner want to increase spending on?
Mayor Emanuel's Son Was Mugged Outside His Family's Home!What was the Mayor's security detail doing when this happened?
Can An Entire School Get The Flu? It Happened in LaGrange Park!Nazareth Academy in LaGrange Park is closed.....because of the flu!
Can We Blame The White Sox Loss Yesterday On Someone Dropping Acid Outside US Cellular Field?A tanker truck full of acid sprung a leak outside US Cellular Field yesterday!
Do CTA Buses & Trains Seem More Crime Free To You?The CTA says that theft and robbery on their buses and trains was down over the first six months of the year.
Chicago Isn't The Second City When It Comes To Shoplifting!The National Retail Federation has released it's statistics of cities with the most shoplifting and, thankfully, Chicago came in third in the nation. Take a listen to which cities stole the title away from us!
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