TV Theme Friday: CSI 'Who Are You' By The Who"CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" had a pretty good run on TV.
TV Theme Friday: 'The Honeymooners'Long before Channel 32 was FOX, it was simply known as Multimedia 32.
PHOTO: Did Anyone Else See This Parking Garage Fire Saturday?I took my Dad to see Hamilton at the theater on Monroe Street Saturday afternoon and the traffic was horrible!
'The Price Is Right' Will Feature A Contestant From Park Forest This Morning!If you watch "The Price Is Right" on Channel 2 this morning, you might notice a little local flavor to it.
Illinois May Be Headed Towards A $15 An Hour Minimum Wage!Even though some people are worried about how it will affect some business, a bill that would start Illinois towards a $15 an hour minimum wage has cleared a House Committee.
You Might Be Soon Driving On The Barack Obama Expressway!Most Chicago expressways already have nicknames and another one might be on the way.
Watching Cubs Spring Training Games This Year Won't Be A Problem!There's something like 38 Spring Training games that the Chicago Cubs play every year.
TV Theme Friday: 'Cleveland Rocks' (Theme From 'The Drew Carey Show')Ever watch "The Drew Carey Show" when it was on ABC from 1995 to 2004?
TV Theme Friday: 'Dragnet'As soon as you hear "Dum de DUM - DUM" it's pretty easy to figure what TV show theme it is.
The Chicago Blackhawks Have The Best Fans In All Of Hockey!If you're a fan of the Blackhawks, this story will come as no surprise to you.
Netflix Makes A Major Announcement!This is great news, and it doesn't cost you any extra!
Prospect High School's Marching Knights Are Headed To The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!So be sure to set your DVR's!

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