Navy Pier's Security Workers Are On Strike!If you were in or around Navy Pier yesterday, you may have notice a giant inflatable rat nearby.
Houston, We Have A Problem! Chicago Could Soon Be The Nation's Fourth Largest City!The city of Houston has been gaining population over the years, while Chicago has been losing people, so do you know what that means?
Chicago Public School's Debt Rating Has Reached Junk Status!Maybe it has something to do with that billion dollars they're looking to borrow.
Are We Headed Towards Another Chicago Teacher's Union Strike?No one is saying they will strike, but the Chicago Teacher's Union took the first steps towards a potential strike yesterday.
There Was A Typo In Hillary Clinton's Press Release Announcing That She Was Running For President!Forgetting to put the word "for" in a press release can change the meaning of a sentence altogether.
Former Chicago Mayor Daley Kinda Sorta Endorsed Mayor Emanuel YesterdayCurrent Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel got an endorsement from former Mayor Daley yesterday
We May Actually Have A White Christmas Come December 25th!Do you need snow for it to officially be Christmas?
Do You Think You're Smarter Or Less Smart Than The Average American?Look around, do you think you are smarter or dumber than the people around you?
Lights! Camera! Action! A Film Crew Was Busted At Cook County Jail!Two people on the crew filming at Cook County Jail for a Fox TV pilot were busted the other day! They weren't busted for filming though! Take a listen to what one had in his car and what the other was wanted for!
Want To Own A Piece Of Bruce Springsteen History?
These Cows Caused "Udder Destruction" In Antioch & Lindenhurst!Take a listen to what happened when a bunch of cows got loose in Antioch and made their way towards Lindenhurst.  It's a really "MOO"-ving story!
Could You Do What Angelina Jolie Did?Angelina Jolie says she had a preventive double mastectomy. Jolie’s mother died of breast cancer as well and she says she was over 80% likely to get it as well and this cuts her chances down a bunch. Take a listen to Jolie’s amazing and courageous story in this round of K-Hits News!

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