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Turntable Tuesday Video: ‘Dance The Night Away’ By Van Halen

“Dance The Night Away” is from Van Halen’s 1979 album called “Van Halen II.”


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Is Van Halen Getting Ready to Release a New Album?

If Eddie Van Halen is visiting a mastering engineer, then perhaps something is afoot.


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Side By Side Comparison: Van Halen With Dave Vs. Van Halen With Sammy!

Here’s an age old debate, which version of Van Halen was better: the one fronted by David Lee Roth or by Sammy Hagar?


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Watch Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band Cover Van Halen’s ‘Jump’ In Honor of March Madness

They’ve also covered AC/DC, Lorde and INXS on this tour.


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Can You Imagine Eddie Van Halen As A Member Of Kiss?

Kiss and Van Halen are two of the greatest rock groups of all time, but could you imagine them combined?


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David Lee Roth on Van Halen: ‘We’re Starting To Put Music Together’

Roth said that a follow-up to that album is in the works, although it will be a long time until it reaches the fans.


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Eddie Van Halen Talks Playing On Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat It’

On May 3rd, Eddie Van Halen and LL Cool J were interviewed on Piers Morgan Live. They traversed multiple topics, include the song they worked on together on LL Cool J’s recent album and racism. One of the most interesting topics Eddie Van Halen talked about was his work on Michael Jackson’s “Beat It.”


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Check Out What Jesse Jackson Junior Supposedly Bought!

The government’s sent Jesse Jackson Junior a bill for the campaign funds he was convicted of using for himself.  If he doesn’t have the cash, the feds will most likely sell the items he bought!  Take a listen to some of the crazy memorabilia that could soon be up for sale!


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Sammy Hagar On Van Halen: ‘I’m So Past It’

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Sammy Hagar talked about the possibility of doing a duet with David Lee Roth, or even touring again with Van Halen again.


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Girl Performs Amazing Cover Of Van Halen’s ‘Eruption’ Guitar Solo

Do you think this girl could give Eddie Van Halen a run for his money?




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