Chicago Woman Had Trouble Sleeping, So She Set Up a Camera In Her Room…Haunted... Or fake? Either way, this video is scary.
VIDEO: Tom Hanks Happily Crashes Strangers' WeddingYou'd think Tom Hanks has better things to do.
VIDEO: Pigs Can't Fly, But They Love To SurfKama the surfing pig is AMAZING.
Steven Tyler Wants A Part In 'Guardians Of The Galaxy'; The Director RespondsIf director James Gunn's response is any indication, this just might happen...
VIDEO: Cubbies Clinch! Let's "Fly The W!"Joe Maddon says the team will celebrate with you just after this afternoon's game wraps up. Better grab tickets now!
Chat With Jimmy Page On Facebook LiveHere's your chance to ask the Led Zeppelin guitarist your questions!
VIDEO: The Many Ways Weddings Are Expensive ScamsWeddings used to be informal (and cheap!) affairs. The expensive traditions of today aren't, well, really traditions.
Video: SpaceX Rocket Explodes On Launch PadThe explosion caused no threat to the general public...
VIDEO: Is This Proof That Aliens Are Checking Us Out?E.T., is that you?
Video: Helen Mirren's Been Spurning Sexist Critics Since The '70sDoes Dame Helen Mirren find that her, uh, "equipment" gets in the way of being an actress? Ugh...
VIDEO: Chicagoan Creates Epic Wedding Proposal Video Right Under Girlfriend's NoseWhen Josh Schmitz decided that he was going to ask his girlfriend Danielle Roesch to marry him, he put a lot of planning into the proposal.
Hugs Are Overrated: Risako Kawai Celebrates Gold Medal By Flipping Coach Onto Mat… TwiceWatch Risako Kawai celebrate her gold medal win for Women's Freestyle wrestling!

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