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VIDEO: Did You Know That Brian Williams From NBC Nightly News Was Also A Rapper?

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon is at it again!


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VIDEO: Guy Taking Selfie Gets Kicked In The Head By A Passing Train Conductor

Safety is important! Which is probably why this train conductor kicked this guy on the side of the head.


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VIDEO: A Beatles Cartoon Reminder That You Need To Pay The ‘Tax Man’ Today!

Today is April 15th, which means, if you haven’t filed an extension, you’re taxes need to be in the mail by the end of today!


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VIDEO: Watch This Young Girl Age From Infant To Teen In Just 4 Minutes!

As a parent, it seems like your kids grow up in just a matter of minutes.

For this parent, that’s actually true!


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VIDEO: Check Out How One Person’s Road Rage Became Another’s Instant Karma!

The woman in this video says the guy in the truck behind her was tailgating her for over three minutes. He finally got mad and drove around her and told her she was #1 in his own special way!


A CTA Blue Line train jumped the tracks and climbed an escalator at the O’Hare terminal, after it failed to slow down while pulling into the station. (Photo supplied to CBS)

VIDEO: Footage Of Monday’s CTA Train Crash At O’Hare

It shows two people standing talking in front of the escalator right before the train crashes into it.


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If You’re Part Of A Military Family, This Video From Ellen Will Warm Your Heart!

Check out Ellen’s acting and along with a return home for this Marine on her talk show.


2005 Television Critics Winter Press Tour

Here’s Something You Shouldn’t Admit When You’re On Air!

Guess something’s are better left unsaid! Check out this video of a Fox News contributor saying she gets her news from CNN because they’re 24/7. Why she’d say that on air, I have no idea! […]


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VIDEO: News Anchors Dive Under Their Desk During This Morning’s West Coast Earthquake!

It probably wasn’t funny at the time, but check out the look of the news anchor on the left when he realizes that there is an earthquake happening while they are on the air!


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VIDEO: Is This A Commercial For M&Ms Or Geico?

It features the brown M&M trying to get insurance from Geico. There’s even a cameo in it from the Hummmp Daaaay! camel as well!