VIDEO: Are Red Light Cameras A Scam? They Certainly Aren't Effective..."These cameras don't just stop car crashes, they create others as well."
VIDEO: Samuel L. Jackson's 'Game Of Thrones' Guide For BeginnersExtremely informative for newbies, entertaining for old fans...
VIDEO: Stephen Colbert's Most Epic Story – How He Met His Wife (Love Is Real!)"She was there when I turned around, smiling at me... And now we're married."
VIDEO: Amazing 1965 Coca-Cola Video Details Mesmerizing Bottling ProcessIt's impressive how hip and funky this is...
VIDEO: Sloths Only Poop Once A Week – Here's Why It's Dangerous For ThemSloths are cute, right? Not in a conventional way. They're weird-looking, but the little slow pokes just got something going for them, you know?
Illinois' Credit Rating Has Been Downgraded Again!Two agencies have downgraded Illinois credit rating once again.
VIDEO: Birthday Cake Bursts Into Flames After Teen Blows Out CandlesPSA: Don't put powdered sugar on top of a birthday cake.
VIDEO: Madonna, Stevie Wonder Perform Prince Tribute At Billboard AwardsShe was joined by Stevie Wonder during her tribute.
The Real Meaning Behind Elton John's 'Tiny Dancer'"In regards to the true meaning of the song... That's always been misread."
Star Wars And Kenny Loggins' 'Danger Zone' Go Really, Really Well TogetherGood enough to make you forget John Williams' amazing score?
VIDEO: Surfers Heroically Rescue Beached DolphinsWhat would you do if you came upon a family of dolphins washed up on a beach, slowly dying?
VIDEO: Brookfield Zoo Giraffes Literally Dancing With JoyThe giraffes have been excited by the nice weather...

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