Video: Helen Mirren's Been Spurning Sexist Critics Since The '70sDoes Dame Helen Mirren find that her, uh, "equipment" gets in the way of being an actress? Ugh...
VIDEO: Chicagoan Creates Epic Wedding Proposal Video Right Under Girlfriend's NoseWhen Josh Schmitz decided that he was going to ask his girlfriend Danielle Roesch to marry him, he put a lot of planning into the proposal.
Hugs Are Overrated: Risako Kawai Celebrates Gold Medal By Flipping Coach Onto Mat… TwiceWatch Risako Kawai celebrate her gold medal win for Women's Freestyle wrestling!
VIDEO: This Review Of The Whopperito Is Far Too Thorough And DetailedDoes the Whopperito truly deserve this much attention and respect?
VIDEO: Bill Murray, Harry Caray And A Cubs Night GameYou can tell Caray's having a splendid time talking to Murray. They musta been quite chummy!
VIDEO: Did You See The Tornado In Chicago?According to the National Weather Service, this was the first to touch down in our city since September 22, 2006!
Faith In Humanity Restored: People Create Human Chain To Save Woman From FloodWeather in Maryland on Saturday caused heavy flooding, killing two people and injuring countless others.
Burger King's 'Secret Menu,' And The Gargantuan Burger On ItBut.... Why?!?!
VIDEO: Are Red Light Cameras A Scam? They Certainly Aren't Effective..."These cameras don't just stop car crashes, they create others as well."
VIDEO: Samuel L. Jackson's 'Game Of Thrones' Guide For BeginnersExtremely informative for newbies, entertaining for old fans...
VIDEO: Stephen Colbert's Most Epic Story – How He Met His Wife (Love Is Real!)"She was there when I turned around, smiling at me... And now we're married."
VIDEO: Amazing 1965 Coca-Cola Video Details Mesmerizing Bottling ProcessIt's impressive how hip and funky this is...

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