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The Best Chicago Storm Videos From This Weekend

Storms swept through Chicago this Sunday — we’re sure you noticed. Here are the best videos from the storm!


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It’s Been A Long Week, We Deserve To Watch A Video Of A Baby Elephant Being Cute

Sometimes you just gotta watch a video of a baby elephant playfully chasing birds. Sometimes that’s enough to hold ya over until the end of Friday.


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VIDEO: Biker Hulks Out, Lifts Parked Car Out Of Bike Lane

As someone who bikes and drives regularly, I understand that both bikers AND drivers can be jerks.


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VIDEO: Google Maps Doesn’t Like To Be Asked “Are We There Yet?”

Google Maps will be polite the first couple times you ask “Are we there yet?” but once its patience runs out, it’ll give you more than a little attitude.


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The NFL Has Upheld Tom Brady’s Four Game Suspension

Looks like New England Patriots QB Tom Brady WILL have to sit out four games next season.


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VIDEO: Magicians Photobomb Newscast… With A Cool Magic Trick (Obviously)

How will future photobombs even compete with this?


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VIDEO: What It’s Like To Go Swimming With 12 Golden Retrievers

Love golden retrievers? Ever dream of going swimming with 12 golden retrievers?


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VIDEO: Blind Chihuahua’s Owner Creates Device To Stop His Dog From Running Into Walls

Buddy is a super cute Chihuahua. Sadly, he’s also blind because of cataracts.


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VIDEO: People Band Together To Save Great White Shark Washed Up On Shore

To keep the shark alive, beachgoers and officials threw buckets of water on the stranded great white.


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VIDEO: Boy George, Jack Black And Robby Krieger Cover The Doors ‘Hello I Love You’ On ‘Conan’

After asking Boy George about his influences, Conan found himself surprised when George mentioned The Doors…