Could Wrigley Field Be The Home Of An Upcoming All Star Game?The American League beat the National League at last night's All Star Game.
Chicago's One Of The Top Cities For Breweries In The CountryIf you feel like Chicago's filled with breweries, you're basically right.
Madonna's Message For Haters At Women's March On Washington?Watch her NSFW message here.
What $100 Can Buy You Across America (More In Mississippi, Less In Hawaii)A beer in San Francisco is double the price than the same beer in Chicago. Otherwise, Illinois prices are very average.
VIDEO: Are Red Light Cameras A Scam? They Certainly Aren't Effective..."These cameras don't just stop car crashes, they create others as well."
50 Places With The Highest Cost Of Living In The U.S.You’ll never guess where Chicago came in on the list...
The March Madness Midwest Regionals Are Tonight At The United Center!The excitement of March Madness will invade the United Center tonight and Sunday.
The Hottest Neighborhood In the Country Is Right Here In Chicago!Forget New York or Los Angeles, the hottest neighborhood in the country is right here in Chicago.
Gas Prices Could Drop Under $1.50 In Some Places Soon!Here's some good news if you live out in the suburbs.
There Won't Be Any Chicago Bears In This Year's Pro Bowl!The Bears won't be making the playoffs and it looks like they won't be making the Pro Bowl either.
Anniversary Of The Biggest Win In NFL History: Go Bears!Washington, D.C., December 8, 1940: the Chicago Bears demolish the Redskins by a record number of points...
The Clocks At Marshall Fields On State Street Are Getting Painted!The two Marshall Fields clocks at both State Street and Washington and State and Randolph are getting a coat of paint.

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