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Do You Trust That The Media Is Telling You The Truth?

When you hear the news, do you think that it’s being reported without any bias to it?

12 hours ago

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There Was West Nile Found In Skeeters In Skokie!

Someone call in the SWAT team to start swatting at the mosquitoes in Skokie.

13 hours ago

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People’s Lack Of Knowledge Of The First Amendment Will Leave You Speechless

The Bill of Rights allows us certain rights, but not a lot of people know what they are.


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The City Of Chicago Is Going To Start Taxing What You Watch On Netflix!

What’s left for the City of Chicago to tax?


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If You Could Move Out Of The US & Never Come Back, Would You?

When asked if they had the option of leaving the US and never coming back, check out how many Americans said they would!


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Is There Anyone Who ISN’T Running For The GOP Presidential Nomination?

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is the latest in a seemingly endless list of candidates for the Republican nomination for President.


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How’d They Do That? CPS Made A Full Pension Payment Yesterday!

Chicago Public Schools made a full 600 plus million dollar payment yesterday.


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President Obama Wants You To Get Paid More Overtime!

The number of people that get paid overtime could grow by a whole bunch!


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Wait A Second! Today Is Going To Be Longer Than Yesterday?

If today feels longer than yesterday, well, that’s because it is!


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This June Has Been Really Rainy!

I think we can all agree that Mother Nature needs to knock it off!