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Did You Miss Last Night’s Debate? Don’t Worry! We Have The Highlights!

There always seems to be fireworks whenever Mayor Emanuel and Jesus Garcia debate!

16 hours ago

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What Distracts You While Driving?

You won’t believe what people are doing when they’re behind the wheel!


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Anyone Interested In Possibly Buying The Thompson Center?

Could the Thompson Center soon be up for sale?


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What Kind Of Approval Rating Would You Give The CTA?

The majority of CTA users still approve of the CTA, but the numbers are down from a  couple of years ago.


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Should The City Of Chicago Refund All The Money it’s Made From Red Light Cameras?

A new lawsuit claims the city of Chicago should refund the over half a billion dollars they’ve made from red light cameras.


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Chicago Spent 30 Million Bucks On Snow Removal This Winter, Not Including Today!

Remember the blizzard we got the day of the Super Bowl?


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Cuz It’s A Monday Video: ‘Stormy Monday’ By The Allman Brothers Band

With the winter like weather we’re having, even though it’s now officially spring, this song seemed fitting.


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Your Dog’s Kisses Are Better Than Yogurt!

Not letting your dog lick your face could be bad for your health!


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Could President Obama Become The Next Magnum PI?

Are The Obama’s looking to buy the house where Magnum PI was filmed in back in the 80s?