Donald Trump Is Headed To Mexico City...But For What?Well, this should make for some interesting conversation.
Could Head Transplants Be That Far Off?You can donate all kinds of other organs, so why not your head?
What Is Led Zeppelin Doing In The Wall Street Journal?Led Zeppelin and the Wall Street Journal are two things that you wouldn't normally put together.
Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich Is Looking For Another Appeal!Well, I guess he has nothing else going on while he's in prison, so why not?
Would You Drink Canned Wine?OK, I've heard of wine in a box, but wine in a can?
Treats Or Praise? Which Does Your Dog Prefer?I think that my dog might disagree with this one?
Do You Have Unused Vacation Time? You're Not Alone!Even though most of us need a day off, it seems that we're not taking a day off!
Driverless Uber Cars? What Could Possibly Go Wrong?I wonder if you still have to tip if there's no driver?
The Weather Was Too Much For A Man Trying To Swim 120 Miles Across Lake MichiganSwimming from Oak Street Beach to St. Joe, Michigan and the back again is a really, really long way.
Wait, Donald Trump Is Apologizing?Are we about to see a kinder, gentler Donald Trump?
The Chicago Air & Water Show Is This Weekend!Huge crowds are expected along the Lakefront for the Chicago Air and Water Show.
Why Are Some American Swimmers Being Detained In Rio?Remember a couple of days ago when Ryan Lochte and a couple of other US Olympic swimmers claimed they were robbed in Rio?

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