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Just How Safe Is Chicago To Drive In?

Sure, Boston is the worst and Kansas City is the safest place to drive around in, but where does the Windy City land?

14 hours ago

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A Property Tax Increase Could Be Coming To Chicago Soon!

Ready to pay some more in property taxes? How about a garbage collection fee?


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Been Grocery Shopping? You May Want To Check Your Debit Card Statement!

Officials at a very big grocery store chain say there’s been an “honest glitch” that may have caused some customers to be charged more than once for their transactions.


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This Study About Loneliness Might Just Make You Feel More Lonely!

If you’re a lonely person, this study won’t make you happy.


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Check Out How Many Collection Calls The State Of Illinois Gets Every Day!

Think you’ve got it bad when it come to bill collectors calling you?


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Chicago Traffic Is Some Of The Worst In The Nation!

If you drive to work every morning, you know this is true.


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Lisa Madigan & Mayor Emanuel Want To Know What’s Going On With The Gas Prices!

Remember last week when gas prices spiked a dollar over the matter of a couple of days?


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An Indiana University Is Offering Students A Class On Selfies!

Are students that are in colleges right now digital natives?


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Do Your Co-Workers Act Like Children At Work?

Even though we’re suppose to all be adults, most of us don’t act like it at work!


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That IRS Data Breach Is A Lot Bigger Than Originally Thought

Remember when the IRS announced a data breach that comprised the information of several hundred thousand taxpayers?