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VIDEO: Reporter Gets Video Bombed By A Dog In The Stinkiest Way Ever!

We’ve seen what people do when they “video bomb” a reporters news report, but what do you think a dog does?

18 hours ago

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Get A Red Light Ticket? You May Not Have Deserved It!

If you’ve ever gotten a ticket from one of Chicago’s red light cameras, listen to this!

19 hours ago

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You Couldn’t Tell Here In Chicago, But Last Month Was The Hottest June Ever!

The average temperature around the world last month was the hottest it’s ever been!


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Here’s How Taking A #Selfie Got One Woman Busted By Police!

Here’s how a selfie could this would be thief!


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Check Out What The State Of Illinois Says You CAN’T Ask On A Job Application Anymore!

Employers can’t ask you this anymore if you’re filling out a job application!


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Will Illinois Gubernatorial Hopeful Bruce Rauner’s Plan Fix Illinois’ Financial Problems?

Bruce Rauner says that if he’s elected governor, he has a plan that will fix the state’s financial problems!


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Even Though She Was Leading In The Polls, Toni Preckwinkle Says She Won’t Run For Mayor!

Toni Preckwinkle says she’s a no-go for the upcoming Chicago mayoral race.


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The Deadline To Get Your City Vehicle Sticker Has Been Moved To Midnight Tonight!

Is your Chicago vehicle sticker on your car?


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How Much Does Corruption In Illinois Cost Each Resident?

Ever wonder what all the corruption and scandals that have rocked Illinois cost each and every resident?


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If The Election Were Held Today, Would Mayor Emanuel Win?

Will Mayor Emanuel easily coast to re-election when that time comes?