There's A Skunk Problem In Vernon Hills!There's a major problem with skunks in Vernon Hills right now.
Chicago Could Be In Store For A Warm WinterWhile nothing is set in stone, this is certainly promising news!
The Swedish Flag Water Tower Has Returned To Andersonville!Remember the Swedish Flag Water Tower that was on top of the Swedish American Museum in Andersonville?
Double Check Where You Parked! City Street Cleaning Has Started!Ever walk out to where your car is supposed to be....but it's been towed away?
VIDEO: Punxsutawney Phil Is A JerkThe groundhog's prediction is in.
Which Chicago Cub WILL NOT Be At The White House This Afternoon?Cubs convention one day, The White House and a meeting with President Obama the next.
Forget This Ice & Cold, Here's How We'll Know If The Beaches Are OK This Summer!How many months till summer is back?
K-Hits Cares! Kids & Snowmobile Safety!Winter is definitely here and for many that means snowmobiling.
K-Hits Cares! Are You Prepared For Winter Storm Damage?Winter storms bring sleet and snow, but sometimes they bring rain as well!
More Illinois Residents Are Heading For The Exits Than Any Other State!Is it taxes, politics or something else?
Yahoo Says That Over A Billion Of Their Email Accounts May Have Been Hacked!It seems that some yahoos on the internet were able to hack Yahoo.
Why We Need To Be Worried About The -40 Degrees Temps In Alaska!Winter doesn't officially start until December 21st, but when has Mother Nature ever looked at a calendar?

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