Check Out Who Is Coming To The Defense Warrior Games July 1stThe Warrior Games will be July 1st at Soldier Field.
The Valor Games Have Kicked Off In Chicago!We didn't get the Summer Olympics in Chicago, but we do have the Valor Games!
There's Still No Budget Deal, But Some Progress Was Made In Springfield YesterdayIt doesn't seem like we're any where close to a budget deal downstate, but at least a little progress was made yesterday.
Ouch! Greg Maddux Hall Of Fame Speech Probably Stung Some Cubs Fans!Former White Sox player Frank Thomas and Former Cub Greg Maddux were entered into the Baseball Hall of Fame yesterday.
CBS "Late Late Show" Host Craig Ferguson Is Calling It Quits!Yesterday,"Late Late Show" host Craig Ferguson announced he wasn't going to do the show anymore.
Just What Age Group Will Benefit Most From A Higher Minimum Wage?Before he had dinner in Chicago last night, President Obama first stopped in Michigan to give a speech about raising the minimum wage. You'll be surprised when you hear what age group he says will most benefit from that increase!
Would Someone Give You Nearly $2 Billion After 5 Minutes?Mayor Emanuel somehow talked the City Council into borrowing another $2 billion bucks after only talking to them for about 5 minutes about it! Why does the city need the cash? ...
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