VIDEO: Highly Venomous Spider Takes Out SnakeRedback spiders, found in Australia, are highly poisonous to humans...
VIDEO: 'Bohemian Rhapsody' Transformed Into Gritty Action FlickThey put A LOT of effort into this. Amazing!
VIDEO: Dulcimer Cover Of 'Everybody Wants To Rule The World' With Curt SmithDoes it count as a cover if the actual guy who sang the song you're playing performs it with you?
Bad Lip Reading Releases 2017 NFL Video And It's PerfectWill these ever get old?! So. Hilarious.
VIDEO: Thankful Rescue Dog Piles Newborn Pups On Foster MomGood girl!
VIDEO: Electronics Store Pulls Vicious 'The Ring' PrankCustomers FREAKED OUT when they saw the girl from The Ring crawl out of a flat screen...
VIDEO: Street Performers Have Wicked Bass BattleThey slap their basses magnificently!
VIDEO: Neil Young Confronts Record Shop Over Bootleg Records In 1972Young confronts the clerk, who isn't much help...
VIDEO: Gargantuan Gator Strolls Past Tourists On TrailAlligators can get that big?!
VIDEO: Monkeys Grieve After Killing Robot That Spies On ThemMonkeys gathered around the monkey doll, hugging each other close....
Girlfriend Too Busy On Phone, Guy Makes Out With Beer On Kiss CamThere's been a lot of fake Kiss Cam videos lately. This one looks legit...
James Corden, Big Bang's Jim Parsons Recreate 'Dust In The Wind' VideoA surprisingly sincere recreation.

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